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About Clearview Institute?

This is what we believe

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Why choose Clearview Institute?

  • Clearview Institute offers a broad perspective on vision correction in Toronto to supply you with what you most want in a vision correction provider – honesty and transparency.

  • Clearview Institute has an established history of introducing advanced procedures to Canada. For example, we were the first center to introduce SMILE, Blended Vision PRESBYOND, PiXL, Laser Light Transepithelial Crosslinking to Canadians.

  • We are passionate about giving our patients the best possible vision correction plan that we design specifically for their needs.

  • From our knowledgeable staff to our state-of-the-art procedure suites, to our personalized vision correction plans that we design just for you. We want your experience with us to be as great as the quality of your new vision.

Our core values

Every organization should hold shared beliefs that guide their decisions. These are ours.

Breadth of service

Modern yet proven

A commitment to excellence

Social responsibility


Can YOU be glasses free? Find out in 60 seconds

Not everyone can benefit from laser vision correction. Find out if your eyes are
suitable for this life changing surgery by taking our online self-test:


We believe in recommending a vision correction option that suits you best, not just the option that we have available. We offer a wide range of refractive eye procedures and treatments – so broad that we can likely treat you with something that will help. If not, we’ll tell you.


We believe in providing modern, yet proven, vision correction options that offer the best chance of success with the least risk of complications. We utilize the latest cutting-edge equipment, combined with the luxurious comforts of an impeccably designed facility.


We believe every patient deserves the best hands. You can take comfort in browsing through Dr Kranemann’s biography, where you’ll find he is one of the most experienced eye doctors in North America.


We believe in contributing to our community. Take a peek at our community page where you can see how Clearview Institute actively supports worthy organizations.


We believe we are here for you, not the other way around. Most importantly, you should feel free to contact us should you have any questions.

Can YOU be glasses free? Find out in 60 seconds

Not everyone can benefit from laser vision correction. Find out if your eyes are
suitable for this life changing surgery by taking our online self-test:

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The right people in the right jobs

Here’s a short introduction to our key people.

Dr. Christoph Kranemann
Dr. Christoph KranemannMedical Director MD, FRCS (c), DABO, Ophthalmologist
As one of North America’s leading Lasik eye surgeons. Dr. Kranemann’s goal is to understand exactly what patients want from their vision. With this information, Dr. Kranemann can provide the most advanced vision correction option available to meet your lifestyle goals.
Dr. Anna Yu
Dr. Anna YuOptometrist, Consultant
Dr. Anna Yu is an Optometrist at the Clearview Institute. She received her BScH degree in Biology at Queen’s University and graduated Honours with Distinction. She was also involved in myopia research at the University of Calgary.
Dr. Rana Taji
Dr. Rana TajiBSc, MSc, OD Optometrist
Dr. Rana Taji actively manages glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy, dry eye, blepharitis, and emergency eye care. Dr. Taji has extensive knowledge of pre- and post-operative care for refractive and cataract surgery patients and a special interest in the treatment and management of the often difficult condition: Dry Eye.

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