LASIK Xtra Eye Surgery & Procedure

An Introduction to LASIK Xtra in Canada

  • For certain patients, we seamlessly add LASIK Xtra® during a LASIK or SMILE procedure to restore biomechanical integrity and strength to the cornea following the procedure
  • LASIK Xtra eye surgery extends the longevity of LASIK, decreasing the need for touch-up procedures at a separate cost
  • Improve the accuracy of a LASIK procedure
  • Provide peace of mind in knowing you are getting the highest quality, safest eye care possible
  • Reduce the potential for long-term changes in your vision

What Conditions Does LASIK Xtra ® Address?

At Clearview in Toronto, we believe that every patient deserves the best in vision care. This includes extending the benefits of LASIK eye surgery to those who were previously poor candidates. With LASIK Xtra, more patients can get the treatment they need, and restore their healthy eyesight.

LASIK Xtra is a dual treatment procedure that combines the refractive error correction LASIK surgery with corneal cross-linking. Now, more patients can enjoy the benefits of laser eye surgery, including lasting vision correction and freedom from the constraints of prescription eyewear.

Are you a good candidate for LASIK Xtra? This advanced laser eye surgery treatment in Toronto can treat patients with:

  • Common vision problems, like hyperopia (farsightedness) and myopia over -5D (nearsightedness)
  • Younger patients, typically under 23 years of age
  • New onset of astigmatism at unexpected degrees
  • Previously regarded as poor or ineligible LASIK candidates
  • Unusual topography features.

LASIK Xtra ®’s strengthening may be applicable to all current LASIK patients, as well as post-LASIK patients who suffer from corneal ectasia or who are interested in restoring the strength to their cornea.

How Do You Know if LASIK Xtra ® Is Right for You?

If you’re suitable for LASIK, then you’re likely suitable for LASIK Xtra ®. Your surgeon will assess your preoperative tests and confirm whether this corneal strengthening procedure would be a benefit to add to your personalized treatment plan, and will discuss the price of LASIK eye surgery with you.

Benefits of LASIK Xtra Eye Surgery and Procedure

At Clearview, our eye surgeons conduct extensive patient screenings to determine the occurrence of corneal thinning after the cornea is reshaped during the LASIK procedure.

Our goal is restoring clear vision without posing additional risks or complications. During your consultation, we can also determine whether you already have naturally thin corneas, which previously prevented you from undergoing LASIK due to the risk of keratoconus, wherein the corneas bulge forward and become distorted. In many cases, we recommend LASIK Xtra to patients with high prescriptions to ensure permanent vision correction. Our doctors will determine if LASIK Xtra will benefit you, as not all patients are suitable for this procedure.

LASIK Xtra is designed to support treatment by locking in the results of laser eye surgery, so corrected vision does not regress in later years. This tends to happen in cases of astigmatism and hyperopia. It only takes two minutes to strengthen your corneas back to pre-LASIK strength with LASIK Xtra — and in that time, ensure lasting results from your vision correction treatment.

LASIK Xtra ® Further Details in Toronto

The medical device company behind LASIK Xtra ® in Toronto offers this video to help explain LASIK Xtra ®.


Is Laser Vision Correction painful?

It is typically not painful. Anesthetic is provided for comfort.

Can you go blind from Laser Vision Correction?

To our knowledge there are no cases of people going completely blind after undergoing laser vision correction surgeries.

Is Laser Vision Correction worth the risks?

Laser Vision Correction has an extremly high success rate with minimal risks to your vision or health. If you find poor vision is a hindrance to your life, then vision correction may be an option worth exploring

What if I sneeze during Laser Vision Correction?

The laser has safety features that will automatically stop when the patient is restless or moving.

What are the disadvantages of LASIK Vision Correction?

Like any surgery, LASIK surgery also carries risks of problems or complications like glare and halos around lights, particularly at night, debris where the corneal disc was removed & inflammation within the treated area.

How long does Laser Vision Correction take to heal?

Within the first 24 hours after surgery, patients experience a large improvement to their vision compared to pre-surgery without corrective lenses. It does take time to heal. Laser Vision Correction can take up to three months to fully stabilze. Each patient's healing time may vary. Some patients achieve desired results within a few days/weeks and others may take up to three months. During the healing time most are functioning well visually

Will LASIK improve night vision?

With new technology, night vision often improves as a direct result of LASIK Surgery as it should improve your eyesight in general. A consult with our doctors can better determine if you have pre-existing night glare and whether LASIK can help to improve your night vision.

How long does it take for night vision to improve after LASIK?

Some patients may find they have more trouble seeing in the dark after LASIK that could last days, weeks, or months. This is usually due to the eye healing and the brain adjusting to the new vision.

Can night vision be corrected?

The procedure can improves many aspects of your vision. Night vision may take some time to settle at first and may feel improved after 3-6 months

Do I have to wear sunglasses at night after LASIK?

Initially, after the LASIK surgery, patients will need to wear sunglasses for at least the first 24 hours. If sensitivity continues, sunglasses should continue to be worn until the sensitivety is gone. In general, sunglasses during the day when outdoors are helpful to protect from UV damage

Dear Dr. Kranemann, Many thanks in the nice, smooth and trouble free cataract surgery you carried out on both my eyes at Clearview Institute. I would like also to extend my thanks to all the staff of clearview. They are efficient, kind hearted and very helpful.J.T.
Dr. Kranemann is exceptionally intelligent and experienced. He is passionate about achieving perfect results for his patients, and proved it by correcting my father’s vision perfectly. We are very happy and grateful and highly recommend Dr. Kranemann.B.A.
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