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Clearview Institute offers a broad perspective on LASIK and laser eye surgery in Toronto to supply you with what you most want in a vision correction provider – honesty and transparency.

Clearview Institute has an established history of introducing advanced laser eye surgery procedures to Canada. For example, we were the first clinic to introduce ReLEx® SMILE, Laser Blended Vision PRESBYOND, PiXL™ vision correction, and Laser Light Transepithelial Crosslinking to Canadians.

We are passionate about giving our patients the best possible vision correction plan that we design specifically for their needs.

From our knowledgeable staff to our state-of-the-art procedure suites, to our personalized vision correction plans that we design just for you. We want your experience with us to be as great as the quality of your new vision.

Laser Vision Correction Treatments

At Clearview Institute, we pride ourselves in providing cutting-edge treatment options for LASIK and laser eye surgery in Toronto. We tailor our vision correction treatments to your specific requirements and needs.

Comprehensive Lasik & Laser Eye Surgery For Better Vision

Whether you are Myopic, Hyperopic, Astigmatic or have Presbyopia, Cataracts or an eye disease, by becoming familiar with the way the eye works, you will be able to understand the benefits of our treatment options better. Eye surgery in Toronto might just be an option that works best for your needs.


At Clearview Institute, we pride ourselves in providing cutting-edge treatment options for vision correction in Toronto. We tailor our treatments to your specific requirements and needs.

How long after LASIK can I see properly?

While you will see better the day after surgery, your vision may be a bit blurry or hazy immediately afterward. These temporary vision difficulties usually clear up after the first few weeks. However, it can take about 2 – 3 months before your vision fully stabilizes and your eyes completely heal.

What not to do after LASIK?

Avoid pools, hot tubs, saunas, and lakes for at least 3 weeks. Avoid watching TV, reading, or using the computer for the first 24 hours as these activities may strain your eyes. Avoid rubbing your eyes. Avoid eye makeup.

Who cannot have lasik vision correction?

There are a number of factors that doctors must evaluate before they can determine who is an eligible candidate for LASIK. Some doctors deem certain pre-existing conditions contraindications to the procedure and will not perform surgery if you possess them. Other conditions may complicate the laser eye surgery and increase your risk of developing a complication. Patients with these conditions need to consult their doctors in regards to eligibility and expectation levels. Learn more about eligibility.

How much does lasik cost?

As prices may vary, depending on each patient's specific condition(s), the final quote will be established during your free preoperative consultation. The quoted amount includes Standard or Advanced Custom Wavefront LASIK or PRK surgery, as well as all post-operative visits.

Does lasik hurt?

Patients are given a topical anesthetic (eye drops) to numb the eye, so they experience no pain during the procedure. When the surgeon applies the vacuum ring, the patient experiences a sensation of slight pressure just before his or her vision fades away for a few seconds. Neither the precision flap-making instrument - nor the laser cause any pain or discomfort. For several hours after the procedure, many patients describe a mild "foreign body" sensation, such as after opening the eyes while swimming in chlorinated water. Some people feel as though there is a dirty contact lens in their eye. After the first few hours, this uncomfortable feeling usually subsides.

How long will the lasik procedure take?

The whole procedure takes about 10 minutes for two eyes, including creating the flap and performing the laser procedure. The actual laser is used on average less than 20 seconds per eye. Learn more about what to expect before, during, and after the procedure.

Dear Dr. Kranemann, Many thanks in the nice, smooth and trouble free cataract surgery you carried out on both my eyes at Clearview Institute. I would like also to extend my thanks to all the staff of clearview. They are efficient, kind hearted and very helpful.J.T.
Dr. Kranemann is exceptionally intelligent and experienced. He is passionate about achieving perfect results for his patients, and proved it by correcting my father’s vision perfectly. We are very happy and grateful and highly recommend Dr. Kranemann.B.A.
Had the new vision correction procedure SMILE. WOW is all I can say. Life without glasses is amazing. Great surgeon and medical staff. Will refer his expertise on to family and friends.D.C.
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At Clearview, it’s important for our doctors to be involved in every step of your journey to clear vision. Our goal is to understand exactly what our patients want from their vision, and to provide the most advanced lasik treatment option & laser eye surgery available in Toronto to meet your lifestyle goals.

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