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ReLEx SMILE Surgery & Procedures

An Introduction to ReLEx SMILE Eye Surgery

  • ReLEx ® SMILE is a minimally invasive Health Canada approved treatment for nearsightedness (myopia) and astigmatism. SMILE is the latest advancement in laser vision correction technology.
  • 10 million people worldwide have had SMILE
  • SMILE has a 17-year track record of success
  • Over 2,600 surgeons worldwide perform SMILE
  • SMILE accounts for 35% of all laser vision correction procedures worldwide and growing.
  • ReLEx SMILE stands for Small Incision Lenticule Extraction or SMILE for short.
  • Clearview Institute is the first clinic in Canada to offer SMILE to its patients.

What Conditions Does SMILE Address?

Those patients with higher degrees of nearsightedness (myopia -0.5 to -10D) with or without astigmatism (0 to +5D) can now benefit from this bladeless, flapless and gentle refractive procedure. We only use one laser for the process from start to finish.

How ReLEx SMILE Works

  1. We first administer numbing drops to eliminate any discomfort.
  2. Using the ZEISS VisuMax ® femtosecond laser, we make a small incision and create a pre-calculated mini lens tissue (or lenticule) inside the cornea.
  3. We then remove the lens tissue through the tiny incision.
  4. Once we remove it, the shape of the cornea changes which results in the correct refractive outcome.
  5. Your vision is corrected.

What’s Special About SMILE?


Minimally Invasive

  • SMILE’s minimally invasive surgery is increasingly becoming the standard of care in many medical fields, including ophthalmology.
  • SMILE is a gentle Laser Vision Correction procedure that requires only a small incision.
  • Most of the upper layers of the cornea are unaffected with SMILE. This offers the potential for more biomechanical stability of the eye12 and fast healing34.
  • SMILE is a comfortable treatment. Patients generally feel no discomfort during the procedure567.
  • SMILE marks an exciting stage. It is a true advancement.

High Predictability

SMILE has very good predictability of the visual outcome resulting in a low rate of post-surgical corrections.89.

Requires No Flap

  • SMILE requires no flap, and therefore, patients do not experience the fear associated with the flap.
  • SMILE minimizes the damage of the outer corneal layers (stronger cornea, more stability).
  • There are no flap-related complications and side effects generally associated with LASIK (e.g. flap detachment, flap displacement, foreign body sensation).
  • Low incidence of dry eye syndrome
  • Low risk of infection
  • In SMILE, the incision transects fewer corneal nerves101112, which are responsible for stimulating tear film production. Thus, recovery of corneal sensitivity is fast and tear function normal.
  • SMILE is an attractive option for athletes engaged in contact sports, flight crews, military and rescue personnel.

Generally Fast Visual Recovery

  • Patients having SMILE typically experience full visual recovery within a few days following surgery.
  • Most patients experience good functional vision shortly after SMILE surgery. Normally, the vision fully stabilizes within a week.
  • SMILE is so gentle that it is normally possible to go to work, drive, apply makeup or take a shower within a few days following surgery.

Greater Eligibility

Patients with a contact lens intolerance or dry eyes can benefit from the minimally invasive SMILE procedure 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23.

Supports a Comfortable, Convenient, Stress-Free Patient Experience

  • The surgeon performs the entire procedure on a single laser, thereby saving time.
  • Odorless and noiseless, the laser works silently.
  • SMILE delivers predominantly excellent visual results242526.
  • Supports a convenient treatment experience.
  • Very short laser application time
  • The procedure itself takes only a few minutes.
  • The procedure is virtually pain-free.

How Do You Know ReLEx SMILE Is Right for You?

Clearview Institute is at the forefront of this minimally invasive and flapless SMILE technology. As our patient, we can assure you that we will tailor the right visual solution for you. It is easy to find out for sure if you are a good candidate by contacting Clearview Institute.

What Does ReLEx SMILE Look Like?

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What guidelines or restrictions should one follow post-ReLEx SMILE surgery?

After ReLEx SMILE surgery, patients should avoid rubbing their eyes and exposure to water, such as swimming. Limiting screen time, avoiding strenuous activities, and using prescribed eye drops are essential during the initial recovery. Wearing sunglasses, following up with the surgeon, and refraining from eye makeup are also recommended measures to ensure proper healing and minimize complications. Specific instructions may vary, so it's crucial to adhere to the guidelines provided by the eye surgeon.

How safe is ReLEx SMILE surgery?

ReLEx SMILE surgery is generally considered safe for correcting myopia and astigmatism. While rare, potential risks include temporary dry eyes, blurry vision, halos, glare, infection, and the need for enhancement surgeries in some cases. Clearview's experienced surgeons ensure personalized assessments, emphasizing the procedure's safety and effectiveness for optimal vision correction.

What criteria should I fulfill before undergoing the ReLEx® SMILE procedure?

To be considered a suitable candidate for ReLEx® SMILE, individuals must be 18 years or older, maintain healthy eye conditions, and have stable vision with no significant changes in glasses prescription within the last 6 months to 1 year. Candidates should be free from corneal diseases, severe eye dryness, and other significant conditions like Lupus or uncontrolled Diabetes Mellitus. Additionally, if using soft lenses, candidates are advised to refrain from wearing them for at least one week, while those using hard lenses should avoid them for approx at least 4-6 weeks. Some patients require additional time + or - and it is best to adhere to what your doctor recommends. This comprehensive pre-screening ensures the safety and suitability of individuals for the ReLEx® SMILE procedure.

How long does the ReLEx® SMILE procedure typically take?

The ReLEx® SMILE (Small Incision Lenticule Extraction) procedure typically takes around 15-30 minutes for both eyes. Keep in mind that the actual laser part of the procedure is relatively quick, often lasting only approx 25 seconds. The total time may vary depending on the surgeon's experience, the complexity of the case, and the specific equipment used.

How soon can I expect to see improvement in my vision after ReLEx SMILE?

Following ReLEx SMILE surgery, many patients notice improved vision within 24 to 48 hours, with ongoing enhancement over a few weeks. While some may experience mild visual disturbances initially, such as glare or halos, these effects typically diminish during the healing process. It's important to adhere to post-operative care instructions, including prescribing eye drops, and attending follow-up appointments for optimal visual recovery. If any concerns arise, communication with the doctors is key for personalized guidance.

What is ReLEx SMILE?

ReLEx SMILE (small incision lenticule extraction) is a form of laser vision correction used to treat myopia and astigmatism. The surgeon uses the Visumax laser to create a small corneal key-hole incision and a lenticule in the exact shape required to correct your vision. This lenticule is then removed by the surgeon. It is a minimally invasive option for laser vision correction and can be a better option for those with pre-existing dry eye

Is SMILE more expensive than LASIK?

Both cost between $2,000 and $3,000 on average per eye

What happens after ReLEx SMILE?

Within the first 24 hours after surgery, patients experience a large improvement to their vision compared to pre-surgery without corrective lenses. As the eye heals, the vision continues to improve. Most people are functioning well during this healing process. It can take up to 3 months to fully stablize. You may experience some initial dryness after surgery.

How long does the ReLex SMILE procedure take?

It takes less than 10 minutes

Is SMILE better than LASIK?

Both LASIK and SMILE are excellent procedures. It is highly dependent on each person's cornea and their visual needs as to which procedure is best for them. Both treatments are highly effective in treating refractive error to help you see better. LASIK has a successful long history of precisely correcting a person's vision with fast recovery. Recently, SMILE has gained worldwide popularity due to its minimally invasive nature, precision, stability and lesser period of post-op dry eye.

Can the SMILE procedure treat astigmatism?

Yes, SMILE is effective at treating a range of astigmatism

What is the difference between LASIK and the the ReLEx SMILE procedures?

Both procedures are precise laser techniques that reshape the front part of your eye called the cornea in order to correct your vision. With femtosecond LASIK (laser in situ keratomileusis), the surgeon creates a hinged flap, lifts the flap, uses a laser to reshape the cornea, then the flap is placed back onto the corneal bed. With ReLEx SMILE (small incision lenticule extraction), the surgeon uses the Visumax laser to create a small corneal key-hole incision and a lenticule with the exact shape required to correct your vision. This lenticule is then removed by the surgeon to reshape the cornea to correct your vision.

Is SMILE vision correction surgery safe?

Yes, both SMILE and LASIK are safe and have similarly low risk profiles.

What are the risks of the SMILE vision correction procedure?

Any surgical procedure has risks. With SMILE, there is a very low risk of infection, inflammation, glare and halos around lights initially after surgery, debris where the corneal disc was removed, dryness for the first few months after surgery.

Is SMILE vision correction safer than LASIK?

Both are safe with minimal risks and a high rate of success.

Will my private insurance cover the SMILE Vision Correction procedure?

Each insurance company is different. You can inquire directly with your insurance company to see if your plan provides coverage

Dear Dr. Kranemann, Many thanks in the nice, smooth and trouble free cataract surgery you carried out on both my eyes at Clearview Institute. I would like also to extend my thanks to all the staff of clearview. They are efficient, kind hearted and very helpful.J.T.
Dr. Kranemann is exceptionally intelligent and experienced. He is passionate about achieving perfect results for his patients, and proved it by correcting my father’s vision perfectly. We are very happy and grateful and highly recommend Dr. Kranemann.B.A.
Had the new vision correction procedure SMILE. WOW is all I can say. Life without glasses is amazing. Great surgeon and medical staff. Will refer his expertise on to family and friends.D.C.
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