Laser Light Transepithelial Crosslinking

An introduction to Laser Light Transepithelial Crosslinking

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What is Laser Light Transepithelial Crosslinking?

Laser Light Transepithelial Crosslinking is an innovative and much-improved version of corneal collagen crosslinking, the traditional treatment for those with keratoconus and ectasia, as well as other degenerative eye disorders.

Laser Light Transepithelial Crosslinking reduces the pain and healing time associated with conventional crosslinking, as well as the risk of infection because the epithelial barrier is not broken. This procedure is also becoming increasingly popular because it addresses the underlying cause of ectasia, which is a corneal weakness.

Laser Light Transepithelial Crosslinking is a safe and highly effective treatment option that strengthens the cornea. Decades worth of clinical studies has shown that this treatment is effective while also delivering permanent results.

Laser Light Transepithelial Crosslinking provides clearer vision by strengthening the cornea while also improving its shape. In this way, we can use this procedure to treat degenerative disorders of the cornea, such as keratoconus and keratectasia.

Traditional crosslinking generally requires the removal of the surface layer, which then has to regenerate itself. That delays the healing process and increases the risk of complications.

However, the new Laser Light Transepithelial Crosslinking procedure permits the surface layer to remain intact. That dramatically speeds up the recovery process and reduces the risk of complications. This new treatment also helps to prevent the necessity of a future corneal transplant.

How does Laser Light Transepithelial Crosslinking work?

Laser Light Transepithelial Crosslinking is a non-invasive procedure that doesn’t involve incisions or stitches. The method only requires a specialized “laser” delivery system, which precisely titrates the amount of energy delivered.

Laser Light Transepithelial Crosslinking is performed with state-of-the-art technology. This system reduces the crosslinking time from 1 hour to 3 minutes or less.

Crosslinking for progressive keratoconus

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