Laser Blended Vision Correction Treatment (PRESBYOND)

An introduction to PRESBYOND Laser Blended Vision Correction Treatment

  • Laser blended vision correction treatment – also known as PRESBYOND – is a revolutionary new laser treatment for treating the symptoms of presbyopia, introduced by ZEISS.
  • In yet another example of our leadership, Clearview Institute was the first to introduce laser blended vision PRESBYOND to North America.
  • Laser Blended Vision PRESBYOND is less invasive and lower risk than other surgical procedures that compensate for presbyopia (for example, lens replacement or corneal inlays).
  • Laser Blended Vision PRESBYOND is easier to adapt to than conventional monovision laser eye surgery or monovision contact lenses.

What conditions does PRESBYOND Laser Blended Vision address?

Presbyopia occurs as your eyes age. Your eyes lose their ability to zoom from distant to near objects. Presbyopia affects all of us at some point in our lives, typically at around the age of 45.

How do you know if PRESBYOND Laser Blended Vision is right for you?

If you are tired of your reading glasses, laser blended vision may be for you. Laser blended vision laser surgery is a more effective alternative to traditional methods for treating presbyopia, such as monovision.

Why? Laser treatment creates an increased depth of field and therefore results in better visual outcomes for your eyesight in comparison to monovision. Monovision is the process of wearing two different contact lenses, one that corrects for distance in one eye and the other lens only correcting near vision.

Monovision doesn’t have the same tolerance/acceptance as laser treatment – many people fail to adapt to it at all.

Moreover, many patients cannot tolerate it as they age because one lens needs to be increasingly corrected so that they can see things up close. For some patients, the difference in correction creates a blur zone, and monovision can become mostly ineffective as we continue to age.

Laser blended vision correction is much easier to adapt to, with extremely high success rates.

Laser blended vision is a solution that will grow with you. There is no more need for you to have different sets of glasses – in fact, you can toss away your reading glasses and bifocals for years to come. Additionally, laser treatment is cost effective, as it saves you from constantly replacing glasses or contact lenses.

Laser treatment also offers numerous advantages over other treatment options for presbyopia, such as intraocular lens implants, including the fact that it is ten times safer and less invasive. Clearview Institute offers laser treatment, including laser blended vision, in Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga and the GTA

How does PRESBYOND Laser Blended Vision work?

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Dear Dr. Kranemann, Many thanks in the nice, smooth and trouble free cataract surgery you carried out on both my eyes at Clearview Institute. I would like also to extend my thanks to all the staff of clearview. They are efficient, kind hearted and very helpful.J.T.
Dr. Kranemann is exceptionally intelligent and experienced. He is passionate about achieving perfect results for his patients, and proved it by correcting my father’s vision perfectly. We are very happy and grateful and highly recommend Dr. Kranemann.B.A.
Had the new vision correction procedure SMILE. WOW is all I can say. Life without glasses is amazing. Great surgeon and medical staff. Will refer his expertise on to family and friends.D.C.
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