Integrated Community Health Services ACT

Insured Services

We offer OHIP covered procedures in the hospital

Uninsured Services

Intraocular Procedures:

Cataract procedures both manual and laser assisted range from $1200.00-$5000.00 per eye


Keratoconus procedures range from $2200.00-$4000.00 per eye


IOL Master Measurement test: $195.00

*RLE procedures and Keratoconus treatment costs; include all pre-surgery diagnostic testing.


At your initial consultation you will have a thorough examination with one of our doctors . All insured and non-insured surgical options that you are a candidate for with be discussed. Documentation on all surgical options will be provided and sent home. Consent form for your selected uninsured surgical procedure will be given to you to take home and review on the day of pre-operative testing . Final consent for uninsured surgical procedures will be taken upon your arrival on the day of surgery.

Your Opinion Matters:

At the Clearview Institute we strive to meet/exceed your needs with every encounter. If at any time you feel that we could have done something better, please let us know by contacting us at

#1 Finding the best person to fix things

We’ll find the person or team who is best suited to fix the problem and deal with the complaint.

They’ll look into it and try to fix the issue.

#2 Listening

They’ll give you a call to listen and understand a little more. If it’s an easy fix they’ll resolve it there and then. If not, they may need to explore the issue in a little more detail.

#3 Addressing your concern

Our first priority will be to address your issue of concern. We’ll also try to understand why it happened, so it doesn’t happen again.

#4 Resolution

Once we have addressed your concern, we will contact you with the resolution.