Laser Blended Vision Correction Treatment

Laser Blended Vision Correction: The Leading Treatment for Aging Eyes

Laser blended vision correction treatment is the leading treatment for presbyopia and other age-related eye conditions. Presbyopia occurs as the eyes age, losing their ability to change focus to zoom from distant to near objects. Presbyopia will affect all of us at some point in our lives, typically at around the age of 45.

Why Choose Laser Blended Vision

If you are tired of your reading glasses, laser blended vision may be for you. Laser blended vision laser surgery is a much more effective alternative to traditional methods for treating presbyopia, such as monovision. First and foremost, laser blended vision creates an increased depth of field and therefore results in better visual outcomes in comparison to monovision. Monovision is the process of wearing two different contact lenses, one that corrects for distance in one eye and the other lens only correcting near vision.

Monovision doesn’t have the same tolerance/acceptance as laser blended vision – many people fail to adapt to it at all. Moreover, many patients cannot tolerate it as they age due to the fact that one lens needs to be increasingly corrected so that they can see things up close. For some patients the difference in correction creates a blur zone, and monovision can become largely ineffective as we continue to age.

Laser blended vision correction is much easier to adapt to, with extremely high success rates. It is a solution that will grow with you. There is no more need for you to have different sets of glasses – in fact, you can toss away your reading glasses and bifocals for years to come. Laser blended vision also offers numerous advantages over other treatment options for presbyopia, such as intraocular lens implants, including the fact that it is much safer and less invasive. There is no other way to think of laser blended vision than as simply the best way to treat aging eyes.

How Laser Blended Vision Correction Treatment Works

In LASIK blended vision correction, laser refractive surgery is used to correct the dominant eye mainly for distance vision and the non-dominant eye mainly for near vision, while the depth of field (i.e., the range of distance at which the image is in focus) of each eye is increased. As a result, the brain merges the two images, creating a customized blend zone (i.e., a zone that is in focus for both eyes). This allows the patient to see near, middle and far without glasses, with a 97% acceptance rate! The procedure is both relatively quick and also painless.

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