What do patients say after PRESBYOND?

Posted by  On 26-08-2019

Dr Christoph Kranemann explains what his patients say after they’ve had laser blended vision correction PRESBYOND.

Christoph Kranemann: The majority of them would comment that they wish they’d done it sooner and that it’s been a relative life-altering experience for them.

In the early stages, some patients need a bit of encouragement with their dry eyes. There’s a week, or two of settling in that can occasionally be a tad frustrating. We always warn those patients that will be in that category beforehand.

By the time it’s all said and done and settled in, people are thrilled and glad they had the treatment. They’re much happier than with any of the other procedures we’ve tried to provide for presbyopia correction and they’re much happier than with their glasses.

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Dr. Christoph Kranemann
Medical Director MD, FRCS (c), DABO, Ophthalmologist

As one of North America’s leading Lasik eye surgeons. Dr. Kranemann’s goal is to understand exactly what patients want from their vision. With this information, Dr. Kranemann can provide the most advanced vision correction option available to meet your lifestyle goals.

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