Seven Most Common Myths About ReLEx Smile Debunked

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TImagine a world that you can see in crisp, high-definition resolution. Suddenly, the colours are more vivid, the smiles are clearer, and your reaction time potentially faster to anything that happens in your surroundings.

Today, there is a wealth of options for restoring clear eyesight, ranging from corrective eyewear to refractive eye surgeries. Among these exciting innovations is ReLEx SMILE surgery, short for Refractive Lenticule Extraction Small Incision Lenticule Extraction.

ReLEx Smile is a leading vision correction procedure designed to free you from the constraints of corrective eyewear and restore clear, healthy vision with minimal recovery time.

The Most Common ReLEx Smile Myths

With this innovative technique and life-changing benefits, you would think that more people are moving to ditch their prescription eyewear and opt for permanent vision correction with ReLEx Smile. But some long-held misconceptions stand in their way.

Like many innovative procedures — especially for restoring eyesight — several unfounded myths surround ReLEx Smile. But where do these myths come from — and is there any shred of truth to them? Let’s uncover the facts:

1. ReLEx Smile surgery is not safe because it’s new

We get it — no one wants to be a lab rat for doctors to experiment on. Many patients are under the impression that because ReLEx Smile is relatively new compared to other laser vision correction procedures like LASIK, it’s not safe or effective. But before the approval of any treatment, it undergoes rigorous testing?

Multiple studies have shown that ReLEx Smile is safe and effective at correcting nearsightedness, one of the most common vision problems. Thanks to overwhelmingly promising results, the FDA has concluded that ReLEx Smile is safe and will continue to become safer as refractive surgery technology advances.

2. You will still need to wear your eyeglasses and contact lenses

Isn’t the whole point of eye surgery not having to wear your glasses ever again? Some people claim that corrective eyewear is still necessary after ReLEx Smile — so what’s the point of undergoing the procedure?

While there is a bit of truth to this, it’s hardly the full picture. According to an FDA review, 98.5% of patients experienced significant improvement in their vision, and 93% achieved near-perfect vision. However, 2.5% of patients did experience a recurrence of declining vision a year after the procedure. It’s important to note that this population is tiny — most patients have enjoyed lasting vision improvement.

However, getting ReLEx Smile surgery doesn’t guarantee that you won’t need glasses as vision naturally declines in old age. No treatment prevents this natural degrading of vision, but procedures like ReLEx will improve your vision for several years.

3. You can go blind from ReLEx Smile

This is not true at all. ReLEx Smile surgery is entirely safe, despite the typical risks of complications you should expect in any surgical treatment. Still, none of these complications include vision loss leading to blindness.

Some patients have reported experiencing a bit of glare affecting their vision after the procedure, but these initial quirks attributed to initial recovery disappeared quickly. ReLEX Smile’s success is attributed to its development as a safer and more stable alternative to laser eye surgery Toronto, thanks to its flapless method. With the incision being 80% smaller and a reduced likelihood of corneal thinning and dry eye symptoms, ReLEX Smile is safer than other treatments.

4. ReLEx SMile is painful, and if I blink, the procedure could go wrong

There’s no other bigger deterrent that keeps people from seeking the treatment they need than the fear of pain. ReLEx Smile is no different, and patients fear that any sudden movement or reflex can cause injuries because it involves their eyes.

First of all, the procedure starts with administering anesthetic eye drops to numb the eye’s nerves. Your eye surgeon will then place a speculum and suction to keep your eye in place throughout the procedure.

These safety measures ensure that you don’t make any sudden movements, allowing your ReLEx Smile surgery to proceed smoothly. Bear in mind that the entire procedure is very short — it only takes 5 minutes, and thanks to the anesthetic, it’s completely painless.

5. Recovery from ReLEx Smile takes a long time

Many people balk at the thought of surgery due to recovery time: having to take time off work and pausing their routine and activities. But thanks to the minimally invasive flapless and bladeless technique used in ReLEx Smile, post-op and recovery requirements are minimal.

All you need to do is to take the day off for the procedure, then remain indoors and out of direct sunlight for a full day afterwards. But in about 2 to 3 days, you can resume your routine, as long as these activities don’t cause severe eye strain.

6. My prescription is too severe

Many people who have been suffering from poor eyesight for too long just prefer to accept their fate, often thinking that their case is beyond treatment. But are these vision problems too severe for ReLEx Smile to treat?

ReLEx Smile is a refractive surgery designed to treat myopia, nearsightedness, and astigmatism — two of the most common vision problems patients suffer. However, it’s not as capable of treating farsightedness. Still, the prognosis is good: the highly advanced technology behind ReLEx Smile means it can treat these vision problems very well, provided that other conditions do not complicate these.

7. I won’t be able to wear cosmetic contact lenses and eye makeup after ReLEx Smile

What better way to debut your glasses-free look than to upgrade your style? Experimenting with eye makeup and cosmetic contact lenses can be fun, but can you still do it after ReLEx Smile surgery?

The short answer is yes — but you might want to wait a bit. For utmost safety, hold off on eye cosmetics for at least a few weeks, and only with approval from your doctor. Ensure that your eyes are healing well after the surgery and your vision is progressing as it should.

While you’re likely able to resume your signature wingtip eyeliner and mascara look, you will want to make sure that it’s safe to go poking your eye with cosmetic lenses to avoid compromising recovery and results.

To learn more about ReLEx Smile surgery, call Clearview Institute at 647-493-6196, or contact us here.

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