ReLEx SMILE vision technology: Who is a candidate for the 3rd great advancement in laser vision correction?

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First, there was PRK, then LASIK and now ReLEx SMILE Vision Technology. It is the 3rd great advancement in laser vision correction, and it is available at Clearview Vision Institute. Certain patients now have an additional option when it comes to correcting their vision.

If you have been disappointed in the past and told you are not a candidate for LASIK, you now may have another alternative to improve your vision. So who is a good candidate for this new technology and why would you consider it?

How is SMILE vision different from LASIK or PRK?

ReLEx SMILE Vision technology is different from LASIK because neither a blade nor a laser is used to create a flap on the surface of the cornea to correct a patient’s vision. It is different from PRK because it preserves the outer layer of the cornea instead of removing it. This FDA approved technology is less invasive than LASIK or PRK and is an excellent option for certain patients with myopia and astigmatism.

The best candidate for ReLEx SMILE vision

Although most patients who come for a LASIK consultation are candidates, not all are so lucky. Unfortunately, there are issues that prevent some patients from having LASIK and even PRK.

Here are some of the main reasons to consider having ReLEx SMILE Vision:

  • If you have previously been told that thin corneas prevent you from having LASIK.
  • You want minimal downtime.
  • If you have extremely dry eyes.
  • Those with astigmatism are candidates for this procedure, but it has not yet been approved for hyperopia (farsightedness).

Most of the normal pre-requisites for LASIK surgery apply here. You must be at least 18 years of age with good eye health, you cannot be pregnant, and you should have a stable prescription for at least a year.

It is easy to find out if you are a good candidate for the ReLEx SMILE Vision procedure by having a consultation at Clearview Vision Institute.

All the best benefits of LASIK with ReLEx SMILE vision

Patients receive all the best benefits of LASIK plus more, like a fast healing time and virtually no discomfort. Since no flap is created, there are no flap related complications.

There is only one femtosecond laser used during the SMILE Vision treatment, so there is no need for the patient to change positions making the procedure time faster than LASIK.

Do you have:

Then the ReLEx SMILE Vision procedure may be your answer to better vision for the rest of your life.

Now it is possible to get all the benefits of LASIK like fast healing and very little discomfort, but without making a corneal flap.

If you have previously been told you are not a candidate for LASIK, visit Clearview Vision Institute for a consultation to determine if you can improve your vision with the SMILE Vision technology. You can trust they will always recommend the best surgical procedure for your specific needs.

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