LASIK Toronto: Activities to Avoid Following Your Eye Laser Surgery

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Any person with vision issues knows how frustrating living with poor eyesight can be. Whether the problem is related to nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, or a combination of these, clearer vision is not only a privilege to be desired, but a necessity for everyday living.

When it comes to vision correction and improvement, one of the most popular procedures available today is LASIK eye surgery—and with good reason. Nevertheless, it’s critical for any person considering LASIK to be as informed as possible about the procedure before they schedule their surgery.

This article will discuss the basics of LASIK eye surgery, including how to prepare for the procedure. In addition, we’ll also talk about the activities patients should absolutely avoid following LASIK surgery.

Facts About LASIK Eye Surgery

LASIK stands for laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis. It is an FDA-approved surgical procedure performed to correct all refractive errors in vision, including nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

During LASIK surgery, the eye surgeon will begin by creating a precise flap in the topmost area of the cornea, also known as the “epithelium”. This is achieved with a femtosecond laser instead of a scalpel. The eye surgeon then gains access to the cornea through the flap in order to reshape and sculpt it. This corrects vision issues, a.k.a. refractive errors, such as myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and astigmatism.

Once the reshaping is complete, the flap is flipped back into place and the cornea will generally heal within a 48-hour period.

How to Prepare for Your LASIK Surgery

When it comes to preparing for your LASIK eye surgery, first ensure that you have a friend or relative available to accompany you and drive you home on the day of your procedure.

On the morning of your surgery, take a shower and wash your hair, as you won’t be able to get any water directly in your eyes following treatment (hair washing especially greatly increases this risk). Additionally, make sure to wear something comfortable so that you can go straight into bed to rest upon arriving back home. It’s also wise to eat something filling before your procedure.

In the day(s) leading up to your LASIK appointment, prepare your meals for convenient access while you recover. You won’t be able to do any food prep or cooking with blurry vision, as this will be challenging and downright unsafe. Alternatively, plan to order in during your first few days of healing.

Do’s and Don’ts Following LASIK Surgery

During the first several days and weeks following your LASIK eye surgery, there are certain activities you should absolutely refrain from, in addition to activities that are strongly encouraged in order to allow for a smooth and successful recovery.

The do’s and don’ts after LASIK eye surgery are as follows:

DO get some rest: This is one of the most important things a person can do after their LASIK procedure.

DO NOT drive: As previously mentioned, you should arrange to have a friend or relative drive you home from surgery, as you will be in no shape to operate a vehicle.

DO avoid any strenuous eye activity: In addition to prioritizing rest as you recover in the following days, try your best to avoid any activities that may strain or fatigue the eyes. More importantly, completely stop such activities in the day following surgery.

This includes reading, working on the computer, watching television, or looking at your cell phone for prolonged periods. As your eyes heal, keep any screen brightness at a lowered level, and always discontinue screen time as soon as your eyes begin to feel tired.

DO NOT smoke: It’s critical to avoid smoking and/or situating yourself among any particularly smoky, dusty, or dry environments, as this can easily result in eye irritation and dry eye.

DO wear protection: We advise wearing sunglasses along with a brimmed hat while spending time outdoors in order to shield your eyes from sunlight.

DO NOT apply products to the eye area: Avoid wearing makeup or using creams or lotions around the eye area during healing, as these products can make their way into the eye and cause complications.

DO take baths instead of showers: As aforementioned, a shower will increase the risk of getting water in your eye during recovery. It’s wiser to take baths instead, while always taking extra care around the eyes during cleaning. If you must take a shower, do so with caution, and wait until after the initial 24-hour period following surgery.

DO NOT use the sauna: Refrain from entering a sauna or hot tub for at least one month following LASIK.

DO keep liquid tears on hand: Keep artificial tears with you at all times in case of bouts of dry eye, which can be quite uncomfortable.

DO NOT rub your eyes: Rubbing your eyes can be particularly tempting to do if the eye area happens to become wet or soapy during a shower or bath. This puts the eyes at risk for water exposure. If such an accident does occur, rinse the eyes with artificial tears to relieve any irritation caused.

What to Expect After LASIK Surgery

After undergoing a LASIK procedure, your eyes will be particularly vulnerable. Therefore, you will need to follow your surgeon’s post-surgery care instructions diligently.

As your eyes heal in the first several days following LASIK, you can expect to feel some grogginess and eye soreness. Your eyes may also feel especially sensitive to light or may feel weaker than normal. This is completely common and all part of the recovery process.

However, if you should experience any alarming discomfort or anything that seems strange during your recovery, let your LASIK eye surgeon know as soon as possible in order to avoid any potentially serious complications.

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