LASIK Eye Surgery: Expert Tips for Preparation and Recovery

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If you intend to have LASIK eye surgery, you should be ready for the events before, during, and after the procedure. Taking the necessary precautions before and after your surgery will ensure a quick and successful recovery without complications.

At Clearview Vision Institute, we offer LASIK eye surgery services to patients in Toronto. We believe in preparing our patients for vision procedures, including LASIK. For this reason, we have provided expert tips to help you successfully prepare for and recover from your surgery.

Why should you consider LASIK?

Besides being one of Canada’s most common laser eye surgery procedures, LASIK eye surgery corrects eyesight problems such as astigmatism, myopia, and hyperopia (farsightedness).

The success rate of LASIK surgery is high. Specific side effects, most notably dry eyes and temporary visual disturbances, are common but eventually disappear within a few weeks or months.

Since LASIK works to reshape your cornea and reduce or eliminate any vision problems, you can stop wearing contact lenses or glasses after this refractive surgery. 

The proper research will provide advice you should follow before and after this procedure. You will discover some tips to help you prepare and recover from LASIK eye surgery below.

LASIK Eye Surgery Preparation Tips

1. Ask questions

When preparing for LASIK, it is critical to ask questions in order to understand the procedure thoroughly. You will also be able to learn the cost of the surgery, which will help you plan effectively, among other factors.

2. Discuss your medical history with your doctor

Your medical history is a vital factor to consider when preparing for LASIK eye surgery. Ensure your doctor is aware of any eye-related health issues, as well as general health concerns or problems, including the medications you take regularly and those to which you may be allergic.

3. Plan to take time off from work

Although you will not require much rest following the LASIK laser eye surgery, you should plan to take time off from work. Scheduling time away from work will give you the chance to put things in order for your surgery. The presiding doctor will let you know how long you should expect to be out of work for your treatment.

4. Make provisions for comfort and assistance

Comfort and assistance are two important factors to consider when preparing for LASIK. Wear comfortable clothes that do not require you to pull them over your head in order to prevent interference with your eyes. A button-down shirt is an excellent outfit choice. Additionally, it would be best to plan for a family member or friend to drive you back home and stay with you until your vision improves.

5. Avoid eye makeup and contact lenses before surgery

To avoid infection, keep your eye area clean and makeup-free before your LASIK eye surgery. We also advise switching from wearing contact lenses to glasses in the weeks leading up to your surgery because contact lenses change the shape of your corneas. Indeed, failure to remove your contacts in time before surgery may result in measurement errors, thus making your results less effective.

LASIK Eye Surgery Recovery Tips

1.Rest your eyes

Resting your eyes after the LASIK eye surgery plays a vital part in ensuring a successful recovery. You must avoid stress by staying at home and following your surgeon’s instructions to speed up the healing process and return to your normal routine in record time.

2. Wear eye protection and avoid bright lights

After LASIK surgery, your eyes become sensitive in the first few days. As a result, eye protection helps to protect your eyes from dirt or flashes of bright light that can harm them. It is also critical not to expose your eyes to direct sunlight or any artificial light. Staying in soft, dim light will help to soothe your eyes and speed up the healing process.

3. Use eye drops and medications as recommended

The recovery process after your LASIK treatment is vital, which is why you should use only prescribed eye drops at the correct times. Also, taking the medications or eye drops at the appropriate times will help facilitate the healing process.

4. Avoid touching or rubbing your eyes

When you keep your hand away from your eyes, you will speed up your recovery process. You may experience mild irritation in your eyes following surgery; however, do not touch or rub them as this may worsen the condition and delay the healing process. Touching your eyes may also irritate them and complicate the situation.

5. Always keep your follow-up appointments

As with other surgeries, it is necessary to attend follow-up appointments and follow the instructions provided by your doctor after getting your LASIK treatment. Post-surgery follow-ups ensure that the doctor can detect and treat any possible anomalies in your eyes.

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In addition to the guidelines for preparing for and recovering from LASIK, proper research will help you decide on the best LASIK surgery option in Toronto for you. 

We provide LASIK treatments at Clearview Vision Institute and give you access to qualified surgeons who assist you in your LASIK preparation and recovery process. To make an appointment, call Clearview Vision Institute at 647-493-6371 or book us here.

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