Back to 20/20 Vision: All the Benefits of Relex Smile Surgery

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Eyesight is perhaps the most essential of the five senses. It allows us to see the world and react to visual cues in our surroundings. That’s why it is only natural that we want to take care of our eyes and restore them to 20/20 vision.

There’s no shortage of vision correction treatments to help you regain healthy eyesight with as little recovery time as possible. ReLEX SMILE is the latest treatment available — and it’s preferred by many for its minimally invasive nature and long-lasting results.

Are you tired of prescription glasses for worsening short- or long-sightedness or astigmatism? Or maybe you’ve tried LASIK, and it didn’t work as well as you had hoped. Now, it’s time to discover the benefits of ReLEX SMILE surgery in restoring 20/20 vision and your quality of life.

What is ReLEX SMILE surgery?

Small Incision Lenticule Extraction, more commonly known as ‘ReLEX SMILE,’ is a minimally invasive vision correction surgery. It’s a bladeless and flapless laser vision correction (LVC) procedure. Unlike other traditional eye laser procedures, it only uses a 1-femtosecond laser, making it quick and easy to complete. ReLEX surgery is also virtually painless and completely stitchless.

The advantages of ReLEX SMILE go beyond speed and technique. ReLEX surgery comes with faster recovery and a lower risk of common side effects of laser eye surgeries, such as dry eyes. ReLEX surgeries offer long-term safety and vision correction for common conditions like myopia or short-sightedness, long-sightedness, and astigmatism.

The Technology Behind ReLEX SMILE

ReLEX SMILE offers a higher degree of accuracy and much lower risk than traditional laser vision correction procedures. This bladeless, flapless, and stitchless procedure involves deploying a series of pulses to the centre of the affected cornea, targeted using 3D mapping.

These pulses then form bubbles that are only 1/100th the width of a human hair — incredibly minute and fine, and accurate for outlining deteriorated eye tissues. Once located, the laser uses a small tunnel to remove damaged tissues.

Does ReLEX surgery sound scary? Don’t fret — the entire procedure takes just a few seconds, with 80% of your vision restored in only a few, short minutes. Significant improvement can also be observed over the next few days, after which you should achieve perfect vision.

Benefits of ReLEX SMILE

The technology behind ReLEX surgery is revolutionary. No other eye laser procedure can offer the same excellent results and restored quality of life, in such a short amount of time.

If you have dealt with blurred vision and the hassle of wearing prescription glasses to correct short- or long-sightedness, it’s time to consider the long-lasting benefits of ReLEX SMILE.

1. Flapless and complication-free

In other eye laser procedures, a corneal flap is created to remove tissue. This requires a 20mm incision, far bigger than the 4mm needed in ReLEX SMILE treatment. This micro-incision keeps the upper corneal layer and the nerve tracts of the cornea intact, preventing it from shifting, dislocating, or folding. The improved corneal stability also significantly reduces the risk of infection and promotes faster and better healing of the cornea.

2. One-step procedure

ReLEX surgery is a one-step, single-laser procedure. Unlike LASIK, ReLEX SMILE doesn’t require patients to shift their position according to the two lasers in use. This reduces the treatment time, with the entire procedure being completed in just 24 seconds, and vision correction is achieved just a few minutes after.

3. High-precision femtosecond laser

ReLEX SMILE is powered by high-precision lasers built with femtosecond technology. It involves femtosecond cutting instead of ablation, which takes place in a closed environment. This type of refractive correction is not exposed to ambient room conditions, such as temperature, humidity and draft, as well as corneal hydration. This controlled environment ensures increased precision, predictability, and the overall success of high degrees of vision correction.

4. Faster healing and recovery

Next to cost and access, post-op discomfort and prolonged recovery are some of the most common barriers to proper healthcare.

A lot of patients who have long required vision correction due to worsening myopia or astigmatism that cannot be adequately treated by prescription glasses alone are often deterred from seeking long-term solutions due to the invasive nature of many eye surgeries. Often accompanying invasive surgery techniques is a lengthy recovery period.

But not with ReLEX SMILE surgery. As the procedure only takes seconds to complete, significant vision correction is achieved within minutes, with a full recovery typically made in just a few days. ReLEX requires minimal aftercare — often just compliance with medication, which allows patients to resume their normal activities the next day; with little to no risk of developing dry eyes.

With a high-precision laser eye surgery Toronto technique, fast recovery, and better, long-lasting vision correction, it’s no surprise that ReLEX SMILE is becoming Toronto’s vision correction surgery of choice.

To learn more about the benefits of ReLEX surgery in Toronto and determine whether you are a good candidate, call Clearview Vision in Toronto at 647-493-6196, or contact us here.

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