When should I have presbyopia treatment?

Posted by  On 26-08-2019

Dr. Christoph Kranemann discusses the best time to have presbyopia treatment.

Christoph Kranemann: We do something when we’re motivated when we know why we’re doing it and when we’re comfortable with any small risks. That’s the crucial criterion. If it’s going to make you better, get you out of reading glasses, and provide you with a lasting gain, then you could certainly say “the sooner, the better”. Because then, you can enjoy the outcome for that much longer! The flip side is, the longer you wait, the closer you move to require having something done to your lens eventually.

Naturally, our eyes tend to get drier over time, and so this can prolong the settling in period as the eyes are already dry to begin with. It’s a matter of personal comfort and motivation. I can certainly give you a test and a reasonable idea. I can’t give you the perfect idea, because I can’t fully replicate that increased depth of field. However, I can give you a pretty good approximation of what you will be able to see.

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