Should I go for the higher price because maybe they do more tests?

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We asked Dr. Christoph Kranemann if a higher price equals more tests and better treatment.

Christoph Kranemann: Price is not an absolute measure of anything. Ultimately, it’s your eyes, it’s your treatment, and it’s for your benefit. Most importantly, you have to be comfortable. Someone may charge you twice as much as someone else, but provide only half of the service.

I think you have to ask what are they doing? How many corneal scans are they doing? What machines do they use? Do they undertake more than one total eye wavefront? Do they do a cycloplegic exam? Has the clinic been providing this service for some years? Do they keep track of their outcomes? Those sort of things.

Anybody can sell you a beat-up used car as an antique for far more than it’s worth. To me, that doesn’t mean anything by itself.

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