How long does ReLEx SMILE take?

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We interviewed Dr Christoph Kranemann to learn how long the ReLEx SMILE laser eye surgery procedure takes.

Christoph Kranemann: The laser part for SMILE takes the same time as the laser part for cutting a flap. It might take a few extra seconds. Typically, it would be around 30 seconds.

Before the surgery

The biggest part is spent in the bed that brings you to the actual laser, in moving and positioning itself. It’s by regulation, not permitted to move at autobahn speeds. It does take a little time. That’s the longest part of the process.

Then, the bed has to be slightly moved again, and the little sliver is removed, which might take another minute. For both eyes, taking the moving of the bed into account, the overall process is usually done in less than ten minutes.

Whereas, by the time the bed has to move to the other laser, say for LASIK because there are two different machines involved, it’s probably at least a five-minute or so saving, by the time it’s all said and done.

During the surgery

The actual laser part takes only about 30 seconds, and the removal of the little sliver doesn’t take much longer. Your perception of how long it takes will be next to nothing, and you may ask me at the end of the procedure, ‘When are you going to start?’ You still think this hasn’t been any length of time at all.

It’s entirely possible that, from your perception, it’s just a minute, or two.

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