How does PRESBYOND work?

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In an interview, Dr Christoph Kranemann speaks about how the vision correction procedure PRESBYOND works.

Christoph Kranemann: It’s a treatment that was developed by a German company in conjunction with people in England. So it is a bit of Harry Potter magic.

Optical strengths

Essentially, our eyes will tolerate a certain difference in optical strengths or focal point, which is somewhere between a 1 to 1.5 dioptres. The theoretical best reading strengths you need is three dioptres. It’s at about a third, or half of that. That will be easily tolerable without compromising any of your 3D vision, or really being noticeable to you when both eyes are open.

The other dioptre and a half that you want for getting the full range comes from building in what we call increased depths of field. We can alter the vision so that it’s absolutely pin-point perfect at a single point.

Increased depths of field

That is better and more than any of us would ever need, or can practically utilise, and it gives us zero range. By having some increased depths of field, there is a minuscule blur that is almost not detectable to you, or I, as we live and practically function. We don’t need to have the acuity of an eagle that might try and spot a little tiny mouse from three miles away. We need good, functioning vision that is sturdy, that will last us for decades, and not be compromised in a significant way.

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