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Out of our five senses, it’s our sight that we rely on most. It accounts for 80% of the information that our brains process from various stimuli we perceive. It’s the primary means by which we experience the world around us and react to our surroundings. With clear, healthy vision, you can work, play sports and live independently.

This is why vision loss hits particularly hard: it’s one of the most sweeping physical disabilities, most often marking a drastic lifestyle, mental and even professional shift. It only makes sense, then, that many people fear the loss or decline of eyesight and even wearing glasses or contact lenses can be restrictive.

The good news is that a reset is possible. New procedures in the last few decades – like ReLEx Smile – make vision correction possible in ways that weren’t available in the past. Today, this advanced procedure is changing more lives than traditional correction methods like glasses. Learn how ReLEx Smile restores your vision in no time.

ReLEx Smile is Minimally Invasive But Highly Precise

ReLEx may be one of the latest developments in vision correction, but it comes from a long history of eye care through laser treatments. Similar to many vision correction techniques, it uses laser technology to correct refractive errors. But unlike other laser surgeries, ReLEx Smile is a lot less invasive. It also has a higher degree of precision in targeting vision errors and offers greater comfort, especially to anxious patients.

ReLEx Smile is prescribed for patients suffering from nearsightedness and astigmatism — some of the most common and worsening vision problems. Its innovative bladeless technique — called Small Incision Lenticule Extraction — can correct refractive errors and vision problems like ametropia with a much higher degree of precision. ReLEx uses a femtosecond laser, which allows an eye surgeon to create a flap in the cornea to isolate and remove damaged corneal tissue that’s causing vision errors.

Not Everyone With Nearsighted or Astigmatic Vision Qualifies for ReLEx Smile

Due to its highly advanced technique, ReLEx Smile is much more targeted than other laser vision correction procedures.

ReLEx Smile is the Future of Vision Correction

You’ve probably heard of LASIK — it’s the most popular vision correction procedure prescribed to patients who have unsuccessfully dealt with glasses and contact lenses over many years. With laser eye surgery Toronto a preferred option, many have undergone traditional LASIK to restore their healthy eyesight. But today, it’s no longer your only option or even the best.

Here is every reason why you may choose ReLEx Smile — and why it’s the future of laser vision correction:

  1. Smaller incision

    Unlike traditional LASIK, ReLEx Smile uses a much smaller opening — capped at 4mm — to extract damaged corneal tissue.

  2. Minimally invasive

    ReLEx does not require cutting a flap and folding it backwards to access the cornea, resulting in a much less invasive procedure.

  3. Reduced risk of dry eyes

    With ReLEx Smile, you can now significantly reduce dry eyes, one of the most common side effects of traditional LASIK. This is because ReLEx uses an advanced technology known as a keyhole to keep the cornea stable and prevents disruptions to the flow of tears.

  4. 100% Femtosecond technology

    Behind this cutting-edge procedure is a cutting-edge laser known for its safety and precision compared to traditional LASIK. At Clearview, we only do custom bladeless LASIK, not traditional.

  5. Open to more patients

    Traditional LASIK can only treat patients experiencing refractive errors up to a maximum of -8 diopters. In contrast, ReLEx Smile is suitable for patients suffering from nearsightedness of up to -10 diopters, making laser vision correction more widely available. Similarly, ReLEx Smile is suitable for patients with higher ametropia, thinner corneas, or dry eyes — patients previously not eligible for LASIK.

ReLEx Smile is Safer and Has a Lower Risk of Complications

The fact is, every surgery has its risks. The difference is that these risks are highly mitigated and reduced in ReLEx Smile, compared to other laser vision correction treatments. ReLEX Smile eliminates flap-related complications common in other laser procedures because the incision on the cornea is up to 80% smaller, which reduces the risk of corneal thinning, dry eye symptoms, and ectasia. As a result, ReLEx Smile is not only safer but offers much more stable and promising results.

ReLEx Smile Offers Better Vision Quality Post-Correction

While every laser vision treatment aims to restore clear 20/20 vision, it’s ReLEx Smile that delivers the best results. Night vision, in particular, is clearer compared to those treated by other laser procedures. That’s because ReLEx Smile results in lesser induction of optical aberrations or vision errors, allowing patients to see more clearly at night and respond to their surroundings appropriately.

While ReLEx Smile Has Helped Many, It’s Not For Everyone

Bear in mind, though, like any treatment, ReLEx Smile is not universal — it’s not recommended for everyone, and it cannot treat all types of vision problems.

In particular, ReLEx Smile is only recommended for patients with nearsightedness (myopia) and astigmatism. Patients suffering from farsightedness (hyperopia) are better served by other laser vision correction treatments, such as LASIK and PRK. The same goes for patients with Higher-Order Aberrations (HOAs) that impact night vision.

For Best ReLEx Smile Results, Know Your History

Start with your medical and vision care history — it’s the best indicator for the success of your ReLEx Smile surgery, and how you can benefit from its promising results. Your eye surgeon will consider this before recommending the procedure to avoid any complications and maximize its benefits.

Remember that ReLEx Smile was designed for a specific set of patients experiencing a range of vision problems. Make sure to discuss with your eye surgeon any underlying conditions, such as uncontrolled vascular or autoimmune disease, pregnancy or nursing, actual or residual eye diseases other than myopia or astigmatism, diabetes, and progressive myopia resulting in an unstable prescription.

To learn more about the benefits, procedure, and your eligibility for ReLEx Smile, call Clearview Vision Institute at 647-493-6196 or contact us here.

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