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What is the Best Age for LASIK?

March 19, 2015

The short answer is: there really isn’t a best age for LASIK. Some LASIK surgeons will tell you patients age 18-21 and well into their senior years can have LASIK and expect good results. However, there are certain factors, whether that is due to age or condition that may eliminate you from being an eligible candidate.

You Can’t Have LASIK Before 18

Children and teens are not good candidates for LASIK because their eyes are still growing and changing.  LASIK surgery requires a stable eye prescription, not one that fluctuates, as it tends to happen with younger people. Usually by the time someone is 18-21, their prescription is stable.

There are some exceptional cases when a young person can have refractive surgery.  These are rare and one such example are cases performed on young patients with anisometropic amblyopia who cannot wear glasses or contacts and cannot function otherwise.

Basic Eligibility Requirements

Besides being nearsighted, farsighted or having astigmatism, regardless of age there are certain basic requirements, which may eliminate you from being considered a LASIK candidate:

  • Must be at least 18 years old with a stable prescription
  • Possess a healthy cornea that is thick enough for LASIK to be performed
  • Desire to reduce dependence on glasses and contacts
  • Certain types of diabetes and certain medications can disqualify a patient from having LASIK

If LASIK is performed on patients who are not good candidates there is a greater chance of complications. A patient’s complete medical history is reviewed with the professionals at Clearview Vision Institute during the LASIK examination to determine any issues that might eliminate them from having the surgery.

Regardless of your age, this thorough exam is a necessary step to determine if you can and should consider LASIK surgery.

What Age is Too Old for LASIK?

When considering LASIK, each generation and each decade in life has its own issues with regard to vision, such as cataracts and presbyopia, but no longer are older patients limited. The same requirements apply like good eye health and a stable prescription. With the proper screening and an experienced surgeon, it is possible to improve the vision of older adults with LASIK.

No matter if you are in your twenties, thirties, mid-life or a senior, there is a vision correction solution for you.

Schedule a personalized vision correction consultation with Clearview Vision Institute to discover whether LASIK is best option for you to improve your vision.

Find out if your best age for LASIK is right now! Invest in your vision and future with the help of our team at Clearview.