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What is Custom Bladeless LASIK?

January 30, 2014

LASIK eye surgery has transformed vision surgeries in the past 25 years. More than 10 million people in the United States and Canada have taken advantage of the opportunity to reduce their dependency on glasses or contacts thanks to LASIK. There are multiple types of laser eye surgeries and many people may be confused about some of the terms. Custom Bladeless LASIK is one such method often heard of but potentially not always understood.

Understanding “traditional” LASIK

Understanding Custom Bladeless LASIK is easier if you first know what is involved in the original form of LASIK surgery.

Traditional LASIK surgery uses a special instrument called a microkeratome, essentially a small blade that cuts into the cornea—the surface of the eye. This creates a fine, hinged flap that is lifted out of the way so that the laser can be positioned properly to re-sculpt the eye, delivering the desired correction in vision.

Introducing the bladeless option

In 1999, the first bladeless method of creating the flap was introduced. It used a special high-energy, computer-controlled laser, known as a femtosecond laser, launching what has come to be called Custom Bladeless LASIK or “all-laser LASIK”.

Benefits of bladeless methods

Bladeless options do offer some advantages over the microkeratome, including:

  • More even flap edges
    The microkeratome has a higher chance of uneven edges, leaving patients vulnerable to scarring or development of an abnormal corneal surface. Both of these conditions can lead to vision defects.
  • Increased speed of cut
    The speed with which the femtosecond works reduces the chance of the eye tissue being exposed to extremely high temperatures.
  • Thinner flap
    The ability to cut a thinner flap helps to speed healing and decrease any potential complications.

The ability to live less dependent without glasses or contacts can be extremely freeing, especially when you work with experienced professionals. To learn more about how Custom LASIK may be able to help you, contact the team at Clearview Vision Institute.