What are some Clearview Vision Institute reviews?

We asked Dr. Christoph Kranemann what patients say after treatment at Clearview Vision Institute. 

Christoph Kranemann: We are pleased to have found that our patients are generally delighted with their outcomes. Many patients have described their experience as life-altering and liberating to be rid of their dependence on glasses and contact lenses. They say it’s the best thing they’ve ever done. Most patients wish that they had done it sooner.

I’ve had a patient who was a lawyer who had a very high degree of astigmatism that required reading glasses. His glasses were somewhat debilitating, and he was unable to function comfortably with them. He is now very happy without the assistance of any glasses.

I’ve also treated a very sweet 60-year-old fellow who had very high far-sightedness. This resulted in him having strong magnifying, coke-bottle glasses with a five diopter prescription. After treatment, he was able to regain his full range of vision, including reading vision, without glasses. He could also resume some hobbies that he had stopped because the lenses would fog up in the winter.

Another patient was a soccer mum who had unrelated severe eye problems in one eye. She had such a high prescription that she could not function without the contact lens and ended up having a contact lens infection. She had to stop wearing the contact lens. The SMILE correction was the only reasonable option to enable her to function independently without the need for contact lenses. It gave her freedom.

About the Author

Dr. Christoph Kranemann
Medical Director MD, FRCS (c), DABO, Ophthalmologist
As one of North America’s leading Lasik eye surgeons. Dr. Kranemann’s goal is to understand exactly what patients want from their vision. With this information, Dr. Kranemann can provide the most advanced vision correction option available to meet your lifestyle goals.

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