Low Vision Treatment

Low vision is a loss of sight that can’t be corrected via traditional methods like prescription eyeglasses, contact lenses or surgery. The degree of sight loss differs for each person, but the most common types of low vision include a loss of central vision and a loss of side vision. Night blindness and blurred and/or hazy vision are also common. Low vision can be caused by various eye conditions, age and certain injuries.

At Clearview Vision Institute, we understand the ways in which low vision can affect your daily life, from reading to cooking to watching television as well as travelling. It is very disruptive, but the good news is that you have come to the right place.

Clearview Vision Institute: World-Renowned Eye Surgeons at the Forefront of Personalized Vision Correction

Clearview Vision Institute, a fully accredited and licensed eye surgery center, is at the forefront of personalized vision correction and low vision in particular. We are a world-class eye surgery centre, with patients who travel all around the world to receive the level of care we offer here in our Toronto clinic.

With the best eye surgeons in North America on our team, in addition to the most advanced technology and commitment to providing the best possible eye care, you can feel confident that you have the best possible vision care team behind you. It is imperative to have the best medical experts on your side when dealing with low vision, who offer the most advanced technology to deal with low vision since this is a condition that can’t be treated with traditional methods.

We are passionate and committed to the latest research and medical advancements in our field in order to deliver the highest level of vision care possible. In fact, Clearview Vision Institute has become the first clinic in both Canada and North America to offer some of the first lasers of their kind. Not only do we have some of the top medical professionals in North America on our team, but we also have the most advanced technology to deliver world-class eye care and low vision treatment options.

At Clearview Vision Institute, we fully understand that each unique type of vision problem requires a different rehabilitative approach. We will develop a personalized vision correction plan that is designed for your particular vision needs. We take the time to address the complexity of the problem while also delivering highly effective solutions for renewed vision.

Vision corrective devices and optometry tests, for example, will result in the development of a proper treatment plan for your needs. Preventative measures and rehabilitative therapy can do wonders to also maximize visual functioning for your day-to-day activities, as can an extensive range of advanced technology and services, as listed below.

Advanced Services and Treatment for Low Vision:

  • Illuminated magnifiers
  • Prismatic glasses
  • Spectral transmission eyeglass lenses
  • Telescopes
  • Binoculars
  • Portable video/digital magnifiers
  • Video binoculars
  • Closed-captioned television systems (CCTVs)

The first step is to call our office and ask for a personalized vision consultation.

More information is available at www.drlowvision.com.