Laser Cataract Surgery Procedure

Laser cataract surgery is an enhanced version of traditional cataract surgery regarded as a significant advancement by the ophthalmic community due to its blade-free technology. Clearview Vision Institute is at the forefront of vision care in Canada and, as such, is one of the first clinics in Canada to offer our patients laser cataract surgery.

What Is Laser Cataract Surgery?

Traditional cataract surgery is performed with hand-held blades and other manual instruments. The laser cataract approach, however, utilizes a bladeless laser to automate and/or assist most of the critical parts of the operation. This leads to enhanced precision, accuracy and a more gentle approach.

How Laser Cataract Surgery Works

In order to understand how laser cataract surgery works, it is necessary to outline the procedure for traditional cataract surgery, the first step is making an incision in the cornea in order to remove the cataract and then replace it with an intraocular lens. Traditionally, this process involves the manual use of blades and needles to remove a portion of the capsule that surrounds the eye’s natural lens. However, this is a very delicate process, and careful attention must be given to ensure that the capsule is not damaged in the process.

The next part of traditional cataract surgery involves removing the cataract, which is done via an ultrasonic device that breaks up the cataract. Both traditional cataract surgery and Laser cataract surgery are among the most common procedures worldwide.

Laser cataract surgery uses advanced technology – a laser – to create a very precise incision. This is done via a 3-D image of the eye called an OCT (optical coherence tomography). The laser also softens the cataract as it breaks it up, reducing the likelihood of burning. In short, laser cataract surgery delivers precise and therefore highly safe results at all points of the procedure while also providing patients with improved visual results due to this precision.

This method also increases the likelihood that the incision will be self-sealing at the end of the procedure, which reduces the risk of infection.

Why Choose Laser Cataract Surgery

As you can see above, people choose laser cataract surgery primarily because it the most advanced version of cataract surgery, delivering improved and safer results, as well as better visual recovery.

Clearview Vision Institute, World-Class Laser Eye Surgery Provider

At Clearview Vision Institute, we understand what our patients need when receiving treatment. They want to feel safe and comfortable, and they want the best results possible. Clearview Vision Institute is a world-class provider of laser eye surgery and eye care. We are a fully accredited and licensed eye surgery center. We have North America’s top eye surgeons on our team, including Dr. Kranemann, who is board certified in ophthalmology in both Canada and the United States, and the most advanced lasers. You can feel at peace knowing you are receiving the best possible medical care from the best physicians in North America.

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