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Pros and Cons of Wearing Contact Lenses

October 22, 2015

Remember when you couldn’t wait to get out of your glasses and move into the “grown up” world of contact lenses? Maybe it was during your high school years, and you were convinced it would help you get more dates. Your self-confidence got a boost and life was so much better.

5-300x199Since then you most likely have determined that there are lots of other positive things about wearing contact lenses besides being more attractive to the opposite sex. At the same time though, there are situations where contacts are a nuisance and interfere with your life.

Let’s lay out the pros and cons of wearing contact lenses and decide your best course of action.

When Contacts are Great

If you are like most of us, you still feel more attractive without glasses on your nose all the time. If you consider yourself a fashionista, then you naturally prefer wearing contact lenses since they will never interfere or clash with your wardrobe like glasses can.

Seriously though, there are other advantages to wearing contacts:

  • They benefit your lifestyle. If you like to participate in sports or outdoor activities, contacts lenses are a great choice. You don’t have to be concerned about losing your glasses or breaking them. Wearing contacts will also cut down on facial injuries while playing sports. Even simple fun times like playing with your children or animals is safer with contacts.
  • Contacts are a safer choice and an advantage especially when driving. You have an unobstructed view with contacts, whereas wearing glasses impairs your peripheral vision.
  • You actually have better vision with contacts because they sit directly on your cornea as opposed to wearing glasses, so there is less distortion.
  • Contact lenses usually stay in place and are less distracting than always needing to adjust glasses as they move on your face.
  • Contacts are not affected by the weather; they don’t fog up.

When Wearing Contacts becomes a Problem

6Everyone is excited when they first get contacts, but certain negative realities set in immediately or with time. You might call it contact lens regret. Sometimes what seemed like a good idea at the time, does not always work out. What are some of the negative consequences of wearing contact lenses?

  • Contacts can be uncomfortable. They can make your dry eyes even worse. Contacts by their very nature inhibit oxygen from reaching your cornea. Your eyes need both moisture and oxygen to remain healthy, so wearing contacts can negatively affect the health of your eyes.
  • Wearing contacts lenses makes you more susceptible to eye infections, corneal scratches, ulcers and inflammations. Many patients can be careless about morning and nighttime care and maintenance. If you don’t properly care for your contacts, remove them at night, and diligently follow the prescribed regimen to keep them clean, you open yourself up to these serious conditions.
  • Contacts are inconvenient and take up more time than you thought.
  • Lenses are easily damaged or lost if you are not careful.
  • If you are allergy prone, contact lenses become almost unbearable during certain seasons of the year.
  • Your budget is negatively affected because contacts and all their paraphernalia are more expensive than you originally thought.

Of course only you can decide about the pros and cons of contact lenses, but if you are having buyer’s remorse, there are other options.

Of course you could always go back to wearing your glasses again. During allergy season many turn back to wearing their glasses. Usually the prescription has changed and that results in spending more money yet again.

Why LASIK Could Be Your Best Option

LASIK will eliminate the need for everyday contact lenses and glasses.

LASIK give you the ability to participate in all outdoor activities and sports plus the freedom to enjoy life to the fullest.

LASIK will actually save you money in the long run. Add up the cost of contact lenses plus the cleaners and other odds and ends you need for one year. Then multiply that number by how many more years (or decades) you expect to need corrective eyewear. You will find that having LASIK surgery one time will be more cost effective.

LASIK is a safer choice for your eye health than wearing contact lenses!

When you consider your lifestyle, your budget, and the health of your eyes, you may come to the realization that LASIK is the preferred lens free choice for you.

Schedule your complimentary LASIK consultation at Clearview Vision Institute and find out if LASIK is your best option.