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Preparing for your LASIK surgery

June 26, 2014

Before any major procedure it is crucial to be fully prepared. Although you may be nervous for your LASIK eye surgery, there is no better way to relieve anxiety than by making sure that you are completely prepared and that you know what to expect. To help you on your journey to improve your vision and change your life with LASIK, we have put together a checklist to ensure your preparedness.

Preparing for your LASIK surgery

  • You will need to stop wearing your contact lenses for a few weeks before your surgery. The use of contacts can change the shape of your cornea and alter the results of your LASIK treatment. Ask your doctor for specific guidelines on how long you should stop using contacts for before your procedure.
  • When you come in for your surgery, avoid wearing any products with heavy scents. This includes perfumes, colognes, lotions, and even fabric softener.
  • Wear comfortable clothing when you arrive for your surgery. When undergoing any procedure, it is always best to feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. However, you should avoid wearing clothing which generates or collects excessive amounts of lint as it could interfere with equipment.
  • It is important that you do not consume alcohol on the day of surgery or use any products with a high alcohol content. Alcohol has a significant dehydrating effect and can slow down your ability to heal.
  • You should not wear eye makeup or use any creams or lotions on your eyes on the day of your surgery. Any debris or foreign particles around your eyes can heighten the potential for infection after your surgery.
  • Prepare for your eyes to be irritated and sensitive to light immediately following your surgery.
  • Make sure that you arrange for a ride home following your treatment. Driving is not advised immediately after having your LASIK procedure or in the days following.

After your surgery, you also need to be prepared to experience a few different things during the recovery process. Although LASIK is not painful, be ready for eye irritation such as burning, itching, or watering. Your vision might be blurred at first, but it should recover quickly in most cases. Although you will be able to see, it can take up to three months for your eyes to fully recover from your LASIK treatment. You should also wait a few weeks before beginning to use eye cosmetics again. Before trying to swim or engage in any underwater activities, you should definitely wait several weeks and consult with your doctor on an exact timeline.


Still unsure about preparing for your LASIK treatment? Let us know and we will ease your mind and get you fully prepared to improve your vision!