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LASIK vs Contacts

April 3, 2014

You’re sick of glasses. They constantly get dirty, they never sit on your face just quite right, and you always seem to find yourself at the movie theatre without them. It’s time to make a choice: contacts or LASIK? We know it’s a tough one, so we thought we’d help you make an informed decision by laying out some of the pros and cons.

LASIK vs Contacts


We know many are worried about LASIK’s large upfront cost, but don’t run off just quite yet. In the long run, LASIK is much less expensive than wearing contact lenses daily. While LASIK pays for itself in a few years, contact lenses are an item that has a recurring monthly cost. Plus, don’t forget about the contact solution – it’s not just the lenses you’re paying for.


Okay, fine. Contact lenses are expensive, so instead of investing in LASIK, you stretch the use of your lenses. You wear those monthly contacts for an extra week or two. Maybe you don’t toss that contaminated solution right away or even water down some of that contact solution to stretch its use. It can’t be that bad. Actually, it is. It’s surprising how common the practice of this is, considering the risks.

Infected contact lenses can lead to eye infections or corneal ulcers. The severity of these conditions can vary greatly and may result in unexpected optometrist visits. In rare cases, improper care for your lenses can cause blindness.

shutterstock_104185004-loBy improperly caring for contacts, you are only harming yourself.

LASIK is a procedure completed by a trained ophthalmologist. It’s one of the most common elective procedures worldwide.  LASIK is not new or experimental and the advances in technology are well documented over the last 15 years.

The Choice is Yours

LASIK or contacts? It’s up to you. In either case, your next step is to make an appointment for a consultation to find out whether you qualify for LASIK or for a contacts fitting.