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Yes. Our laser vision correction procedures include:

These advanced procedures are precise down to the micron level, and the results we deliver to our patients are as customized as a fingerprint. We also offer SMILE, which is the latest generation of laser vision correction.

Because of Clearview’s advanced computerized eye mapping and measurement systems, we perform many variations of the LASIK procedure including the latest treatment – All-Laser LASIK – also known as Custom Bladeless LASIK and Laser Blended Vision – PRESBYOND.

The Custom Bladeless LASIK procedure is the most precise, accurate, and fast-healing LASIK procedure available today.

Most people who have had Custom Bladeless LASIK at Clearview experience 20/20 vision or better shortly after the procedure.

We also offer SMILE, which is the latest generation of laser vision correction.

We spend as much time as necessary to ensure our patients are ideal candidates for our help. Measurements we take at the consultation for laser vision correction include:

  • CRS Master
  • Visante
  • Cell Count
  • IOL Master
  • iTrace
  • Dominant eye
  • Galilei
  • Pachymetry
  • Schirmer test
  • HD Analyser
  • Eye Sys
  • SMI
  • Atlas
  • Visual Acuity
  • Auto Refraction

With today’s precise, computer-driven laser technology, most people are laser vision correction candidates. Take our laser vision correction self-test to see if you qualify.

Laser vision correction is a safe procedure and surgeons have performed over 30 million procedures and counting in vision centers across North America.

LASIK and PRK is approved by the Canadian Ministry of Health, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

Like any surgical procedure, there are risks, but risks with laser vision correction are typically minor. Most of our patients see clearly without eyeglasses or contact lenses the next day.

If you have any questions relating to your individual procedure, please do not hesitate to ask your Clearview professional.

No, we numb your eyes with anesthetic eye drops prior to the procedure. During the procedure, you may feel slight pressure on your eye. After laser vision correction, you might feel like there is an eyelash in your eye for a short time, but most people take Tylenol® or Advil® to relieve any discomfort.

Laser vision correction provides our patients with freedom from glasses and contacts. It is an effective, fast and safe procedure, with minimal downtime for most patients.

The advanced LASIK and PRK laser vision technologies we have at Clearview Institute make personalized laser vision correction possible for as many people as possible.

Today, almost anyone who depends on glasses or contact lenses can have a vision correction procedure. The result is 20/20 vision or better for 98% of our patients.

Because of our investigative and research work with leading global laser companies, Clearview Institute was the first in Canada to have the latest generation of Excimer Laser1 used in what is now known as the Custom Bladeless LASIK procedure.

When we see our patients from 18 to 80 years of age living virtually glasses-free, it makes our pursuit of the most advanced technology well worth it!

Laser vision correction typically takes less than 10 minutes for each eye, and most of that time is to prepare and double-check measurements.

The actual laser part of the procedure lasts for only a matter of seconds.

Plan to be in the office about 1 to 2 hours on the day of your procedure to allow plenty of time for the pre-operative safety check and post-operative monitoring.

The majority of patients who are good candidates for laser vision correction do not experience any problems as a side effect of the procedure.

However, some people have minor side effects such as dry eye or a mild scratchiness for a few weeks.

Like any surgical procedure, there can be occasional side short-term effects. These side-effects may include:

  • starbursts
  • glare around bright objects especially at night, and
  • a foreign-body sensation in the eye

Most of these side-effects will also pass within a few days or weeks of the procedure.

When you visit with Dr. Kranemann Medical Director MD, FRCS (C), DABO, Ophthalmologist, he will carefully determine if you are a good candidate for laser vision correction.

He will then explain the laser vision correction procedure in detail.

Your vision will most likely improve immediately to the point where you can see noticeably better almost right after your procedure.

Most people can see well enough to drive by the second day after their procedure. However, everyone has a different healing time and response.

Because laser vision correction is a medical procedure, your vision quality may still slightly fluctuate for several months after the procedure before reaching the optimal vision result.

To read more about what happens after your LASIK procedure, read this page.

At Clearview Institute, our goal is to provide you with a personalized laser vision correction plan designed to give you the best possible vision result based on the shape of your eye, your age, and other important factors.

For nearly 98% of people who have had laser vision correction at Clearview Institute, vision improves to 20/20 or better within days.

However, depending on your individual factors, you may still have to wear glasses for specific tasks.

The effects of laser vision correction are permanent – and your distance vision should remain stable throughout your lifetime.

However, some people are genetically or environmentally predisposed to have their prescriptions change over time, slightly altering the effects of the procedure. In these cases (±3%) we can provide these patients with a free enhancement procedure when it is medically safe to do so.

Laser vision correction only affects the clarity of vision provided by the cornea (the area that laser vision correction treats. Natural changes to the crystalline lens inside your eye (i.e. presbyopia and cataracts) and other age-related or unrelated changes that may occur in other parts of the eye remain unaddressed. For these changes, you’ll need to seek out medical procedures that treat those conditions as and when they arise.

Dr. Kranemann has performed thousands of vision correction procedures.

He has been a consultant to one of Europe’s leading Excimer Laser companies (i.e. ZEISS) in the development of the technology that we now use at Clearview Institute and that other major LASIK and PRK centers use across North America.

In addition to his work with Clearview, Dr. Kranemann has hospital privileges at St.Michaels, KEI and Scarborough Grace. He has practiced since 1996, operating at least 2-3 times per week.

The cost of your LASIK procedure is based on the personalized vision plan our doctors recommend.

Following a complimentary personalized consultation and screening exam, we will be able to tell you the actual cost of your vision correction procedure.

Yes. We make affordable financing plans available with interest free options with Medicard.

Once we determine the procedure that is best for you, our counselors will provide more information and share all of your financing options with you.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us – a Clearview vision consultant will be happy to assist you.

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