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Jobs You May Be Ineligible for if You Have Poor Eyesight

January 17, 2014

There is no question that a person’s eyesight is important. Many people who enjoy good eyesight probably never give their vision a second thought. However, for those who suffer from poor vision, everyday normal activities can at times be much more difficult. In some cases, having bad eyesight can even prevent you from getting certain jobs or pursuing particular careers.

Having Bad Vision Can Hurt you

For anyone with poor eyesight who has pursued a career path only to find that it requires good vision, the rejection can be devastating. Although most people may not realize it, there are actually quite a few jobs that require a person to have good vision. In fact, for some of these positions if you don’t have 20/20 eyesight then you might be out of luck.

Jobs That Require Good Vision

The following are some of the jobs that may require you to have good vision, whether you’re born with it or you get corrective eye surgery.

  • Airline pilot – if you want to be a pilot you have to have great vision. People’s lives are in your hands as a pilot and glasses just won’t cut it because they could break or get lost. There is no room for error in that environment.
  • Photographer – to be able to snap quality photos that perfectly capture the moment you have to have excellent vision. Wearing glasses makes it difficult to do that and glasses aren’t always reliable when looking through a camera lens.
  • Firefighter – many firehouses require all of their firefighters to have great vision. A firefighter has to be able to see clearly in emergency situations and glasses just don’t work with the facemasks they are required to wear.
  • Lifeguard – lifeguards have to be able to see the dangers in the water as well as anyone who may be in trouble; and sometimes they have to be able to see from long distances.
  • Police officer – running down criminals, being involved in high-speed vehicle chases and firing weapons are all things that require good eyesight. Although some officers may use glasses, these kinds of duties are much easier without them.
  • Doctor/Surgeon – doctors, particularly surgeons, have to have good eyesight in order to perform the intricate exams and procedures that are part of their everyday job descriptions.

Don’t Let Poor Vision Stop you

If you want to pursue a job or career that requires good vision then don’t let your poor vision stop you any longer. Just come and see us at Clearview Vision Institute today and see if LASIK surgery is right for you. With our advanced techniques and procedures there is a good chance we can help you improve your eyesight and make it possible to pursue the career path you’ve always wanted. Just contact us at 416-445-8439, toll free 1-800-835-1986, or by email at