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How to Keep Your Eyes Healthy During Barbecue Season

August 14, 2014

Keep Your Eyes Healthy During Barbecue

Barbecue season is finally here again which means that the sun is shining and the grill is fired up. Before you head out to the backyard and prepare your dinner in one of the best ways possible, you should seriously consider how you can protect and keep your eyes healthy. I know that it might not seem like your top priority right now, but you would be surprised at how you can both positively and negatively affect your eyesight while barbecuing.


Let’s talk about one of the most important aspects of barbecuing first: what you’ll be eating. This can be a great way to work essential nutrients into your diet and strengthen your eyesight – and it’ll be tasty too!

Omega-3 fatty acids can protect against dry eye syndrome and age-related macular degeneration while promoting proper drainage of intraocular fluids. You can find omega-3s in delicious, barbecue-friendly seafood like salmon, halibut, trout, and tuna. Zinc is another fantastic nutrient that can be found in many grill-able foods. By facilitating the production of melanin in the eye, zinc helps bolster ocular protection and can even improve your night vision. Oysters and crab are excellent sources of zinc and are perfect for any summer cookout. Even turkey contains zinc, add that to the menu!


It’s been said before, but it bears repeating: wear sunglasses! Don’t underestimate the sun’s ability to severely damage your eyes. Protect them with a pair of sunglasses with at least 99% UV absorption that shields against both UVA and UVB rays. If you plan on having your barbecue near the pool or a lake, it would be wise to find some polarized shades. Polarized sunglasses can help reduce the blinding glare that created when the sun bounces off of reflective surfaces.


Barbecue smoke is a major irritant and exposing your eyes to it can leave them red and irritated. Floating particles lifted up from the grill by stray plumes can land in your eyes and cause further damage and discomfort. Try to avoid smoke as much as possible and position the grill so that the wind blows it in a safer direction.

Have any more ideas for keeping your eyes healthy while barbecuing? Share them with us!