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How to Keep Your Eye Health in Check While Keeping Your Eye Makeup Fabulous

March 26, 2015

Yes, ladies, many of us like to wear eye makeup. No one ever tires of hearing they have pretty eyes, so we search out the latest colours to enhance them and lash building mascaras to make us look even more attractive. Some of us wear eye makeup everyday regardless of whether we are going to work or it’s the weekend and we are running those Saturday morning errands. We do however; need to be concerned about eye makeup and eye health.

If you normally wear eye cosmetics, there are certain precautions you need to take in order to keep those beautiful eyes healthy and looking fabulous!

Eye Makeup Application

Always start with clean hands and if you wear contact lenses, put them in before you begin applying eye makeup.

Careless application of eye products can cause injury to your cornea.  Serious issues like a scratched cornea can occur from a mascara wand that slips or applying eyeliner while driving. Corneal abrasions can be quite serious if not treated promptly. Symptoms include, a feeling that something is in your eye, tearing, redness, blurred vision, and sensitivity to light. If you experience any of these symptoms you should see your eye doctor.

Eye Makeup Removal

In order to keep your eyes safe from infections and other eye issues, be diligent about removing all traces of eye makeup every night before bedtime.  Liners, mascaras, and shadows should all be gently and carefully removed with an eye cleanser or cold cream product each night. Follow this with a cotton swab around your eye line and lashes to help eliminate any remaining debris or makeup.

Sleeping in your eye makeup can cause multiple eye issues such as, blepharitis and conjunctivitis also known as pink eye. If you wear contacts, be sure to take them out before removing your makeup.

Basic Tips to Maintaining Your Eye Health

There are some simple ways to minimize your exposure to bacteria and prevent eye infection or irritation.  Follow these suggestions to avoid any issues that can affect your eye health:

  1. Your mascara wand becomes contaminated over time and consequently bacteria builds up inside the container. Each day these applicators are re-infecting your eye area; therefore, you should purchase new makeup regularly.
  2. Never share your makeup with anyone.
  3. Avoid iridescent and glittery shadows as they can cause irritation, especially if you have dry eyes.
  4. Never apply makeup in a moving car.
  5. Clean or replace your brushes, sponges, and applicators frequently.
  6. Avoid the combination of sleeping in your contacts and forgetting to remove your makeup. This becomes a breeding ground for bacteria.
  7. If you do develop an eye infection, you should throw away all your makeup and purchase a new set.
  8. Thoroughly wash your hands before applying your makeup and do the same when it’s time to remove it.
  9. Never allow an eye irritation to continue without checking with an eye doctor.

Contact the eye care professionals at Clearview Vision Institute if you are experiencing any symptoms or have any other questions about your eye makeup and eye health.