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Go Ahead, Lose Those Contacts

December 9, 2014

Toronto Laser Eye Surgery

You switched from wearing glasses to contact lenses in your teens in order to improve your appearance and to rid yourself of the hassle of glasses. As time has passed you realize that contacts can be even more of a hassle than you thought, so now maybe it’s time to make the decision to lose those contacts for good. Laser vision correction is a smart option for you to consider. Here we will review just some of the reasons why.

Contacts Lenses are a Hassle

Even though you thought contact lenses would be easier to manage and be more comfortable, by now you’re having second thoughts. They’re not always so comfortable, are they? You realize their maintenance, the regimen of keeping them clean and changing them appropriately is becoming bothersome, time consuming and costly. You’re busy, right?

The Cost of Contacts

Regardless of the kind of contacts you wear, there are necessary expenses you never considered at first, namely the replacement lenses, the cleaners, re-wetting drops, it all adds up! Of course it depends on your age, but you should try adding all that up for each year of your life, and then compare it to the one-time cost of LASIK. You might be surprised that over your lifetime the cost of permanently correcting your vision with LASIK is less costly than all the money you will spend to maintain wearing contact lenses.

Dry eye issues

The longer we wear contact lenses, the more likely we will develop dry eyes. Our eyes need sufficient moisture or tear film to see clearly and maintain eye health. If you suffer from burning, stinging, itchy irritated eyes, then your contact lenses are probably the culprit. No amount of re-wetting drops seems to help. Sometimes you may actually have excess tearing due to dry eye issues from your contact lenses. Unfortunately contact lenses limit the oxygen to your cornea, and lack of moisture acts like a vicious cycle which inevitably can make your dry eyes even worse leading to dry eye syndrome. In fact the most common complaint among patients who wear contacts lenses is their dry eyes.

Some other factors which will exacerbate dry eyes when wearing contact lenses include:

  • Living in a cold and windy climate where the humidity is low
  • Forced air heating
  • Pollution
  • Sitting too long in front of a computer or hand held device without frequent blinking or looking away
  • Not following all the contact lens guidelines about their appropriate wear, when to change them, not sleeping in them or general instructions about their cleanliness
  • Working in a dusty or dirty environment

Dry eye issues can develop post-LASIK, but they are usually short-lived. If you are experiencing dry eyes, visit Clearview Vision Institute to find out whether laser vision correction might be a better choice for you.

The dangers of wearing contact lenses

Contrary to popular belief, there are more real safety concerns wearing contact lenses then having laser vision correction. Contact lenses are not always the safer choice. Improper use and care of contacts can result in some serious eye issues like inflammations or bacterial keratitis and infections. If you tend to sleep in your lenses, or not take the time to clean them properly, it can lead to serious infections and even corneal ulcers.

Women who regularly wear eye makeup are especially susceptible and need to be scrupulous about carefully removing all traces of makeup each night before bedtime to prevent inflammations.

Improve your lifestyle

If you would like to go swimming and actually be able to see underwater or participate in winter sports again without worrying about losing a contact lens, then maybe it’s time to make the decision to lose those contacts. Enjoy sports, going to the movies, playing with your children or simply taking in nature. For many patients their visual acuity or sharpness actually improves after LASIK. They see better now than they did with their contacts.

If astronauts, first responders and fighter pilots are having LASIK, then why not consider this life-changing alternative for yourself?

Are you really all that happy in your contact lenses? The physicians at Clearview Vision Institute will perform a FREE evaluation to determine if you are a good candidate for LASIK. Enjoy the clear crisp vision you have always wanted. Contact us today and finally make the decision to lose those contacts for good!