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Get Life in Focus with Laser Blended Vision in 2015

January 8, 2015

Laser Blended Vision

Tired of struggling with your glasses year after year? You just can’t seem to get everything in focus for your daily activities, work, and lifestyle. You have your contacts in, but you still need to pop on your reading glasses ten times a day and when you look up, everything is blurry. Frustrating isn’t it? If you are having trouble focusing on near, far and everything in between, you can get life back in focus with Laser Blended Vision in 2015.

What is Laser Blended Vision?

Laser Blended Vision – laser vision correction is an advanced surgical method to blend your near and far vision, so you can see well with both eyes and without the need of glasses. Clearview Vision Institute was the first clinic in Canada to offer this innovative treatment. With Laser Blended Vision, typically your dominant eye is mainly corrected for distance with a small degree of close up vision, whereas your non-dominant eye is mainly corrected for close up vision, but with a small degree of distance correction. Your distance vision and near vision overlap in that blended zone. Your brain adapts to the visual change so patients are able to see both close up, intermediate and in the distance without the need for reading glasses.

This individualized treatment is based on an in-depth eye examination which includes ascertaining which eye is dominant.

The after care is similar to any other laser vision correction procedure and there is no pain involved. Dr. Dr. Kranemann, as Medical Director of Clearview Vision Institute, will make sure that you are given the best options for your eyes, your age and your lifestyle.

Do You Need Laser Blended Vision?

When we are young we can look out in the distance and see clearly, then look back at our phone to check messages and our eyes effortlessly adjust to the change in focus. As we age, we lose that elasticity in our eye muscles to make that focus change naturally. This condition is known as presbyopia. Sometimes called aging eyes, presbyopia is an inevitable and normal result of aging and nothing can prevent its onset. Also known as Short Arm Syndrome, one day we wake up and suddenly we need longer arms to read a magazine, see the newspaper or check out a price tag at the market.

Some common reasons why Laser Blended Vision may be the answer for you:

  • If you are between the ages of 40 and 65, you most likely will improve your vision and eliminate the need for reading glasses with Laser Blended Vision.
  • If you are someone over the age 40 who normally has glasses around your neck (or on your head), multiple pairs of glasses in your car, your home, at work, just so you will have them available should you need to read something in small print. Is this you?
  • If you find yourself unable to see clearly to put on your makeup in the morning, or maybe while enjoying a dinner out with friends, you find that even the food on your plate is blurry.
  • If you are becoming more dissatisfied and frustrated that nothing seems to be in focus.
  • You know how much more you would relax and enjoy life if only you could see near and far without needing a backup tool.

We always make resolutions when a new year begins and we all know that most of the time, these resolutions are broken within days. One big promise you can make to yourself in 2015 is to finally put your life in focus again. Laser Blended Vision may be the answer.

If you are tired of the multiple pairs of glasses everywhere, and the frustration of not having one when you really need it, then contact Clearview Vision Institute and find out if getting Laser Blended Vision in 2015 could be the best resolution you ever kept.