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Custom PRK

Photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) is the original laser eye surgery. In selected cases, we use PRK to treat the following conditions:


The most advanced LASIK technology available in North America is custom bladeless LASIK surgery. Clearview Vision Institute uses this technology to treat the following conditions:


The ReLEx SMILE procedure is a minimally invasive Health Canada approved treatment for following conditions:

Laser Blended Vision (PRESBYOND)

Laser Blended Vision correction treatment is a revolutionary treatment for the following condition:

Laser Light Transepithelial Crosslinking

Clearview Vision Institute is the first clinic in Canada to introduce Laser Light Transepithelial Crosslinking. Since then, more patients are now aware of this option. To strengthens the surface of the cornea, we apply liquid riboflavin into a pocket we create with the femtosecond laser (ZEISS VisuMax®) and then treat the cornea with ultraviolet light.

PiXL Vision Correction Procedure

PiXL™ is a Health Canada approved, non-surgical vision correction procedure for people with low prescriptions.

PiXL Vision Correction Procedure treats the following eye conditions:

Laser Cataract

Laser cataract surgery is an enhanced version of traditional cataract surgery. Traditionally in cataract surgery, the surgeon must access the lens by using a scalpel to cut a small incision in the eye.

Laser Cataract treats the following condition:

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