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Why You Should Choose All-Laser LASIK

February 25, 2015

Laser vision correction has been performed for decades and it remains one of the safest procedures in North America. There are multiple types of refractive surgery options available to patients today, so it is important to know which is best for you. One of today’s choices is traditional LASIK vs. Bladeless LASIK. Other choices include picking a surgeon or clinic who only offer traditional LASIK and one who offers custom bladeless LASIK, here is why you should choose bladeless LASIK.

Similarities Between Bladeless LASIK and Traditional LASIK

Regardless of which kind of surgery you are having, there are certain things that remain the same. A doctor must perform a series of eye tests to determine if you are a good candidate as well as review your medical history. Both of these procedures can correct myopia or nearsightedness, hyperopia or farsightedness, and astigmatism. Both types of surgery use a gentle ultraviolet excimer laser to re-shape your inner cornea. Light must be focused directly on your retina to improve your vision.

For the most part both types of surgery follow the same requirements post-surgery, and healing time is similar. Both are virtually painless.

Both also will reduce or eliminate your dependency on glasses or contact lenses. So why should you choose bladeless LASIK over traditional LASIK?

What Makes Them Different?

The all important first step in custom laser vision correction surgery is the creation of a flap. In order to reach the inner cornea to correct your vision, the doctor must first lift the very thin top layer of your cornea. How that is accomplished is the real difference between these two types of surgery.

With traditional LASIK this layer is created by using a blade, known as a microkeratome. This hand held device makes a cut on the eye so when the flap is lifted, there is a hinge created.

With custom bladeless LASIK like that found at Clearview Vision Institute, the flap is created by using a computer guided femtosecond laser. Tiny pulses of infrared light are used to create a series of bubbles that separate the tissues through a process known as photodisruption. The femtosecond laser technology creates the customized flap dimensions and enables the surgeon to create and then lift a highly precise flap with a consistent thickness. This advanced technology is a safer and more precise way to reach the cornea for step two, the treatment with the excimer laser.

Some other advantages of custom bladeless LASIK include:

  • There is lower intraocular pressure when creating a flap with a femtosecond laser
  • There is less chance of epithelial ingrowth with custom bladeless LASIK
  • There are fewer complications while making the flap like flap displacement or button holes
  • Certain patients who before could not have LASIK due to thin corneas, can now have custom bladeless LASIK
  • There is greater flap stability so fewer complications occur in general when using a laser to create the flap
  • There is virtually no chance of infection or inflammation using a laser instead of a blade.

All eyes are different and need to be evaluated and treated differently. Now all the steps of laser vision correction can be customized, including the computer guided laser creation of the flap and the custom LASIK treatment itself. The flap created by a femtosecond laser is more precise in depth, more accurate, and thinner.

The Final Important Ingredient –Choose Surgical Skill and Expertise

The most technologically advanced equipment does not take the place of a doctor’s surgical skill and expertise. At Clearview Vision Institute we have both skilled and experienced doctors and the most advanced technology for laser vision correction surgeries. The surgeons and professional staff are dedicated to improving your vision and accomplishing it in a comfortable and relaxing setting. Not only is the Medical Director,Dr.Kranemann, a leading LASIK refractive surgeon in North America, he also is involved in the training of future surgeons. He is committed to your care and helping you to achieve your best results possible. You can trust his expertise and skill in selecting the best LASIK option for your custom bladeless LASIK.

There is no better time for you to make a decision about LASIK surgery. Trust Clearview Vision Institute with its advanced technology including custom bladeless LASIK for better precision, better safety and better results. Schedule your FREE personalized vision correction consultation today. The choice is yours!Choose custom bladeless LASIK for your best vision.