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Are You a Good Candidate for LASIK?

October 7, 2014

LASIK Laser Eye Surgery Candidate

There are many different perceptions on whether someone makes a good candidate for LASIK. Thin corneas, a bad prescription, and night vision come into play when people consider the procedure for themselves. There have been many improvements in LASIK technology in the past several years allowing the procedure to be more widely available to a large audience.

Whether you are a man or woman, if you are nearsighted, farsighted or have astigmatism, there is a treatment available for you. There are 70 million people currently living with some combination of these vision conditions.

Let’s start with the universal requirements which apply to everyone. In most cases a good candidate must be:

  • At least 18 years of age
  • Have a stable prescription
  • Want to eliminate their dependence on glasses and contacts
  • Have reasonable expectations
  • Have healthy eyes and adequate corneal thickness
  • Have no autoimmune issues which could interfere with healing

From that starting point many other issues are addressed during the evaluation at Clearview Vision Institute to determine a good candidate: corneal thickness and your prescription among others. There are some specific instances which can affect whether a woman is a good candidate and we will look at those here.

Pregnancy and Nursing

Women who are pregnant or nursing should wait to have their LASIK surgery for multiple reasons. During this time, women will experience fluctuations in their vision, have hormonal and corneal pressure changes caused by fluid retention. Any of these things would affect the outcome of your surgery results. Most doctors simply tell their pregnant or nursing patients to wait a specified period of time and then to have their surgery after they finish nursing. That way the new mother can be assured to experience optimal results. So the only limitation is the timing of your surgery. Once your prescription is stable again, women can schedule their LASIK with no issues.

At Clearview Vision Institute we will perform a personalized eye examination to determine your candidacy and rule out any issues that would eliminate you from having LASIK. We will educate you on which procedure fits your needs and design a personalized vision plan.

Contact us today to set up your LASIK eye examination and find yourself on the road to improved vision.