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9 Natural Remedies for Dry Eye Syndrome

May 22, 2014

Dry eye is a common complaint patients experience after LASIK. It’s actually a growing concern in the eye health world in general, with the blame pointed at technology and the increased time we spend in front of screens.

While dry eyes cannot be completely cured, there are ways you can help reduce the discomfort dry eye symptoms cause on your own.

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1.  Use a humidifier

If your environment is too dry, your eyes will be too. A humidifier will help make your living space more comfortable, especially during the winter. Bonus: it’ll probably help keep your skin from getting dry too!

2. Avoid exposing your eyes to gusts of air

Air from a blow dryer or air conditioning vent can dry out your eyes. Even windy days can take a toll. This is where our next tip comes in.

3. Wear sunglasses

Protect those eyes, not only from UV rays, but from windy days too.


4. Avoid rubbing your eyes

It’s a bad habit; especially, when your eyes are already dry and itchy.

5. Use artificial tears

Less messy than ointment, artificial tears can help bring moisture back into your eyes without blurring your vision. If you’re using them more than once every two hours, it could mean a preservative-free brand is better suited for you.

6. Avoid smoking

This one’s a no-brainer. Smoking is bad for you anyway, but the smoke also irritates the eyes. Yes, this means stay away from secondhand smoke as well. Besides, smoking is a cause for dry eyes in the first place.

7. Stay hydrated

Tears are liquid after all. Bonus: staying hydrated positively impacts your overall health!

8. Warm compress

This can help release oil in your eyelid glands and produce better-quality tears.

9. Supplements

An omega-3 fatty acid dietary supplement has provided relief to some people. You can add this into your diet with foods such as salmon or flax seeds.


Do you have Dry Eye Syndrome? Did any of these tips help you? Let us know below!