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Laser Blended Vision Correction Treatment

Near, middle and far Vision Correction – Clearview Is The First in Canada To Offer Laser Blended Vision LASIK!

This innovative procedure is for the correction of presbyopia in patients with emmetropia as well as in patients with myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. Presbyopia occurs as the eyes ages, losing ability to change the focus of the eye to zoom from distance to near objects. Presbyopia will affect all of us at some point in our lives.


Laser Blended Vision Laser Surgery is a viable alternative to wearing corrective spectacles or contact lenses for many patients (near, intermediate and at a far). In LASIK Blended Vision, laser refractive surgery is used to correct the dominant eye mainly for distance vision and the non-dominant eye mainly for near vision, while the depth of field (i.e. the range of distances at which the image is in focus) of each eye is increased. As a result, the brain merges the two images, creating a customized blend zone (i.e. a zone that is in focus for both eyes). This allows the patient to see near, middle and far without glasses, with a 97% acceptance rate!



Before Laser Blended Vision was available, surgical presbyopic correction was achieved by using traditional Laser Monovision correction, where one eye was focused for distance vision and one for near vision. In traditional Laser Monovision, the depth of field is not increased, which means Monovision was tolerated much lower than Laser Blended Vision!


The laser Blended vision surgical procedure and post operative care are exactly the same as the Custom LASIK and PRK treatments.

Laser Blended Vision is a procedure that sets Clearview Institute apart from the rest. This video gives you a glimpse of the condition that can be treated by Laser Blended Vision.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us – a Clearview vision consultant will be happy to assist you.